Chancellor Challenges SUNY Canton Foundation Board

SUNY Canton Chancellor John R. Ryan challenged the SUNY Canton Foundation Board to reach even higher than their $10 million by 2010 goal.

“I want to challenge you to dramatically increase your Foundation’s goals and assets over the next several years,” Ryan said, during the annual board meeting simultaneously held Friday both in Naples, Fla., and SUNY Canton. “I challenge Board Members to constantly be thinking of ways to raise money and become an integral part of the long term financial success of the Foundation. You are the leaders that will help determine the level of the college’s future success.”

To date, the SUNY Canton College Foundation has raised approximately $8.9 million towards the 2010 Centennial Campaign goal and has total assets exceeding $12 million. Ryan highlighted the remarkable growth in the Foundation’s assets which grew from $1 million in 1993, to $5 million in 2004, to over $12 million just two years later.

The Chancellor saluted those members in attendance that helped the foundation grow from a mere concept 30 years prior to a multi-million dollar success story. Among those were President Emeritus Dr. Earl MacArthur, Professor Emeritus Richard W. Miller, Vice President for Administration Emeritus Charles F. Goolden, and others.

“Congratulations to all of you on that accomplishment,” Ryan said. “Particularly to the Centennial Campaign Co-Chairs Ronald L. and Blanche K. Woodcock, and alumnus Joel M. Canino, who have invested in the future of SUNY Canton.”

The Woodcocks are both alumni of SUNY Canton, Ron graduated in 1959, and Blanche received the College’s Honorary Alumna Award in 2006. Canino is also a 1959 graduate.

The Foundation uses donations to help defray the continually-increasing cost of higher education. During the fall semester of 2006, the Foundation awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships to assist more than 200 students as well as more than $20,000 in Campus Enhancement Awards to help improve students’ academic experiences and enhance the overall learning environment.

“Chancellor Ryan has challenged us not only to increase our goals, but to broaden our fundraising approach and philosophies,” SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy said. “In doing so, we will be able to assist more students than ever before. It is our belief that financial circumstances should not be a barrier to our quality programs.”

The Chancellor joined Kennedy, Provost Jeremy D. Brown, Vice President for Advancement David M. Gerlach, and several others in Naples, Fla., to deliver the keynote address. The meeting was simultaneously broadcast via the Internet to one of the College’s Online Learning classrooms, allowing area board members to participate without traveling to the Sunshine State. The computer-televised meeting allowed for board member participation in both states. A similar setup is used in some of SUNY Canton’s online courses, allowing students to access their education regardless of their geographic location.