Canton-Potsdam Hospital Donates $25,000 to SUNY Canton’s Maresca Family Challenge

Canton-Potsdam Hospital has donated $25,000 towards the SUNY Canton Nursing program as part of the Maresca Family Challenge. The announcement was made at a press conference on Friday, July 20, at the hospital.

Dr. Michael Maresca, SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy, and Canton Hospital President and CEO David B. Acker hold a $25,000 hospital donation check.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s Chief of Staff and Chief of Radiology Dr. Michael Maresca, SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy, and Canton Hospital President and CEO David B. Acker hold a $25,000 hospital donation check to the SUNY Canton Foundation as part of the Maresca Challenge.

“We are here for a much larger purpose than a check presentation,” said Canton-Potsdam Hospital President and CEO David B. Acker. “We are brought together by a common concern regarding the critical shortage of nurses in this country and our community. Canton-Potsdam Hospital wants to be an exception in America and have a steady pool of local nurses.”

The Maresca Family Challenge was announced on May 14 by Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s Chief of Staff and Chief of Radiology, Dr. Michael Maresca, and his wife Barbara. The Marescas committed to making a minimum gift of $100,000 to SUNY Canton Foundation to establish the Dr. Michael and Barbara Maresca Family Endowment for Nursing Education.

The Maresca Challenge is designed to create a circle of giving and inspire others to do the same. When Dr. and Mrs. Maresca announced their gift in May, they challenged college alumni, local businesses, community members, and friends to join them in further supporting the educational needs of future nursing students at the college.

“Canton-Potsdam Hospital is the first group to step up and respond to the Maresca Family Challenge,” said SUNY Canton President Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy. “We are deeply grateful for the leadership role they have taken, and I’d like to thank them on behalf of all of our current and future nursing students.”

The Maresca Family Challenge is part of the SUNY Canton Centennial Campaign with hopes to raise a total of $400,000 in support of the Nursing program. In addition to their endowment, the Maresca Family has donated four $1,000 scholarships to nursing students for the 2007-2008 academic year.

“We understand the importance of nurses and are dedicated to investing in students who desire an education,” said Dr. Maresca. “We believe that a nursing career has a tremendous impact on the students, their families, and the overall health of our own community.”

According to Acker, more than half of Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s nurses are SUNY Canton alumni.

Dr. Michael and Barbara Maresca:

Dr. Maresca grew up in Elkton, Md., and attended West Virginia University and then the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. He continued his studies for Diagnostic Radiology at SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse.

Dr. Maresca is also affiliated with the following New York hospitals: Massena Memorial Hospital, E.J. Noble Hospital, Clifton-Fine Hospital, Cortland Memorial Hospital, Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, Olean General Hospital, and the Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

The Marescas moved to Potsdam in 1991. They have two children, Margaret and Michael.

“The Maresca Family Endowment will enable worthy students to attend regardless of their financial background, and it will also assist us in meeting the growing technology needs of our nursing education.” said John Conklin, the Director of SUNY Canton’s Nursing program.

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