SUNY Canton Associate Professor Establishes Scholarship

A SUNY Canton Associate Professor has created a scholarship for students in the Criminal Investigation Program.

Each Year, Steven Gilbert will award $500 to a student based on the top investigative forensic science presentation. Specifically, students will be invited to submit presentations on “How Forensic Science Contributes to a Safer Society.”

“Many of our Criminal Investigation students are very interested in forensic science and interested in pursuing a career in crime scene investigation,” Gilbert pointed out. “The Gilbert Forensic Science Scholarship will help encourage students to continue research within this field.”

Gilbert, who has his doctorate in criminal justice, said that recent advancements within the field of DNA testing have dynamically changed investigations and forensic sciences.

The first scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2008 with following scholarships each Fall Semester. “The students’ presentations will also help inform the campus community about the changes and evolutions within our program,” Gilbert said.

Previously Gilbert has mentored students overseas who could not afford college, and was instrumental in beginning the Omega Upsilon chapter of the Criminal Justice Honor Society.

He created the scholarship through the SUNY Canton College Foundation which annually awards nearly $300,000 in scholarship assistance.


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