SUNY Canton Hits All-Time Enrollment High

CANTON – SUNY Canton’s Fall 2008 enrollment is the highest in the college’s 102-year history, surpassing 3,000 students for the first time.

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The previous headcount highpoint was during the 1975-76 academic year when 2,833 students were enrolled.

The College has experienced dramatic growth over the last several years. Enrollment is up 10 percent from last year, 20 percent from four years ago, and more than 50 percent from the 1995-96 academic year, when there were a total of 2,013 students. There are currently 3,056 students enrolled this Fall.

College officials cite a number of reasons for the explosive increase, including several new highly-popular bachelor’s degree programs, returning students staying for four years instead of two, more transfer students, more international students, and a huge class of more than 1,300 new students.

“It’s been an incredible period of growth in the last 15 years,” said President Joseph L. Kennedy, who began his presidency in 1993. “Our faculty members have led the way by designing new in-demand career-oriented programs and diligently working to help transition seamlessly from a two-year college to a four-year college that offers both associate and bachelor’s degrees.”

SUNY Canton now offers 15 bachelor’s degree programs, five of which can be completed online. SUNY Canton OnLine, known as SUNY Canton OL, also continues to experience dramatic growth. The college is offering more than 100 online courses this semester, which is a 60 percent increase from just two years ago.

“The number of online classes and online students has grown every semester since we began offering them in 1998,” Kennedy said. “It has allowed students to enroll in courses from all over the world. This year’s first-year class includes students from 12 different countries and 20 different states.”

Applications from prospective students increased nearly 20 percent last year, 28 percent from four years ago, and approximately 50 percent from the Fall ’97 semester. That trend is expected to continue with the addition of up to five new bachelor’s degrees within the next year.

“We’re the fastest growing college in Northern New York,” said Director of Admissions Jonathan Kent. “The College has been progressing steadily since Dr. Kennedy took over 15 years ago, and lately it’s just been remarkable.”

In the last 15 years, the College has built new buildings, renovated numerous facilities, started offering bachelor’s degrees, began offering online classes, developed SUNY Canton OnLine, started offering completely online programs, as well as grown its Foundation assets from $1 million to more than $14 million, and much more.

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