SUNY Canton Canino School Offers H.S. Students Fast Track

CANTON – Accepted students at SUNY Canton now have a chance to fast-track into math courses offered by the Canino School of Engineering Technology.

Students will be able to take extra courses prior to entering college to help them get a jump-start on college-level math courses, according to David Wells, Dean of the Canino School of Engineering Technology.

“We sometimes see very motivated students who need a little more background before entering in science, engineering and technology programs,” Wells said. “We don’t want to see a student miss an education and a career in the engineering fields simply because they lack a prerequisite course.”

The fast-track courses are part of the One-Third Better program, which is funded through a Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act grant. Courses are scheduled to begin during the summer months, and will consist of online components and face-to-face mentoring sessions. “After undergoing the fast-track program, students can opt to take supplemental sections of the courses to further their goals and understanding,” Wells said. “They can get up to two additional class hours a week to further prepare them for success once the regular semester begins.”

The initiative will be overseen by Alice Reed, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Linda Crowner, Math Lab Coordinator and Adjunct Math Instructor, and Richard Gilchrist, a College Math Tutor. “We have a dedicated team of math department faculty,” Wells noted. “The One-Third Better program will help better prepare students for their first year of college and give them the knowledge and confidence to succeed.”

The school’s efforts to accelerate students’ skills are also augmented by an upcoming set of standards that will ensure every student is a proficient computer user upon graduation.  “Although more students than ever come to college as well-established computer users, some require assistance in attaining the next-level of computing that their future careers will demand,” noted William Mein, Associate Dean of the Canino School of Engineering Technology.

The core competencies will ensure that every SUNY Canton graduate has the ability to use spreadsheets and develop custom presentations in addition to the more common word processing and Internet usage skills associated with higher education. “Students learn to use a tool best when they need it to complete a task,” Computer Information Systems Instructor Robert J. Randall explained. “We have found that if we can offer online resources or face-to-face support exactly when a student needs it, they will succeed at a given project quicker and with greater overall individual growth.”

Students are encouraged to use the core-competency resources to develop their skills at a self-directed pace. Ultimately these skills will lead to a more successful education and greater employability upon graduation.

Both the core computer competencies program and the One-Third Better program are scheduled to be implemented this summer. “Our school has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of applications from this time last year,” Wells said. “These programs will help our newest students accomplish more and be an asset to the workforce upon graduation.”

SUNY Canton offers a wide variety of career-driven bachelor’s, associate, and certificate programs, as well as three master’s degrees in conjunction with SUNYIT, Utica. Most of SUNY Canton’s new four-year programs are designed so students can take them on-campus, online, or both. SUNY Canton OnLine features more than 100 courses online each semester. The college’s athletic teams belong to the NAIA’s Sunrise Conference, enabling students to compete in their respective sports for four years.

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