Winterterm Enrollment Grows 60 Percent

The SUNY Canton Winterterm session saw exactly 800 students start courses on Monday, making it the College’s largest online Winterterm ever.

Winterterm enrollment increased nearly 60 percent from last year and is now five times as large as the 160 students who enrolled in the first Winterterm session four years ago in 2005-2006.

Winterterm enrollment mirrors the overall growth of the College. SUNY Canton has experienced all-time highs in enrollment for the past two years, including 3,300 students at the beginning of the Fall 2009 Semester.

“Our back-to-back record-setting enrollment, along with incredible Winterterm and Summerterm growth demonstrates how well students and community members are recognizing the excellent academic programs that we offer,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “We’ve broadened the access to a quality career-driven higher education through affordable tuition, and the flexibility of our class scheduling and online courses.”

Winterterm offers several economic, academic, and timesaving benefits for students and faculty members. The entirely online courses can be accessed via computer from anywhere, reducing travel expenses and winter commuting difficulties.

“Winterterm is a great way for students to catch up or get ahead. It’s an effective way to utilize time between semesters and on the weekends during the holiday break,” said Dean of Academic Services and Retention Molly A. Mott. “It’s also interesting to note that for the second straight year, nearly 60 percent of Winterterm students are coming to us from other colleges. It’s nice that we are able to accommodate them with our expanded course selection.”

The College’s Director of Admissions, Jonathan Kent credits the career-driven educational focus for much of the expansion. “Whether we’re talking about our specialty Winterterm or Summerterm sessions, or our traditional semester, we are without a doubt the fastest growing college in the North Country,” he said. “There are a number of our programs that are recession-proof, meaning that regardless of the economy, students will probably have a career waiting for them when they graduate.”

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