Creative Minds Make Discoveries at SUNY Canton’s Camp Invention

SUNY Canton’s first week of Camp Invention had students building model cities out of recycled materials.

Students pose around their finished projects at Camp Invention

ALL SMILES – Nadia L. Cheng of Potsdam, Nicolas C. Kelson of Potsdam, Douglas G. Welsh of Canton, and Noah G. Bohl of Potsdam grin after completing the living quarters of the city.

Each group of four or five students was given a piece of cardboard to design a portion of a city. When they were complete, the cardboard, Styrofoam and duct tape creations were interlocked to create an entire metropolis. Students augmented their creations with magnets, and electric components.

Elyse M. Tavernier connects a battery and a small light bulb.

LIGHT IT UP – Elyse M. Tavernier of Canton connects a battery and a small light bulb to one of her group’s buildings.

Other activities included an indoor hockey match using all homemade equipment.

Camp Invention runs until Friday August 3 in the Miller Campus Center.