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SUNY Canton Steel Bridge Team Lands Top Ten Finish in National Championships

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

The SUNY Canton Steel Bridge team locked in a ninth-place finish at the 2019 American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) National Competition. 

Students from the college’s Canino School of Engineering Technology traveled with faculty members to compete Friday, May 1, at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

The steel bridge team stands with their bridge in front of Saluki Stadium.

“We competed against the best teams in the United States and performed near flawlessly,” said Paul D. Hitchman, an instructional support associate and faculty adviser for the student-run team. “I’m proud of our students’ genuine ingenuity with this year’s bridge.”

A student uses a drill to bolt a portion of the steel bridge.

The team placed 3rd in Construction Speed, 3rd in Stiffness, 6th in Economy, 12th in Efficiency, 22nd in Aesthetics, and 29th in Lightness out of 41 competitors. “We are counting this as a solid victory,” Hitchman said. 

Student competitors included: 

  • Chase D. Boyer, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Alex Bay.
  • Josh Glosenger, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Endicott.
  • Dale R. Harris, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Dundee.
  • Daniel Olin, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Canton.
  • Stephen J. Schermerhorn, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Cicero.
  • Bromlen E. Steinburg, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Madrid.
  • Benjamin York, a Mechanical Engineering Technology major from Auburn

SUNY Canton is scheduled to host the 2020 AISC Upstate New York Regional Student Steel Bridge Competition next spring. 

SUNY Canton College Foundation Secures Midtown Plaza Purchase Option

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

A joint venture will allow SUNY Canton to move forward with plans to create an Entrepreneurship Center at the former Jubilee grocery store location in downtown Canton.

Roo Riverwoods, LLC, an affiliate of the Canton College Foundation, has secured a purchase option on the vacant midtown plaza properties currently owned by Garry L. Cohen. The agreement allows the foundation to conduct studies to determine if the properties are suitable for development. During the term of the option, Roo Riverwoods has the exclusive right to purchase Mr. Cohen’s properties or to assign them to a third party.

Midway Plaza aerial map view - 19 Miner Street

The facility would house the college’s Small Business Development Center and would include co-working spaces, private offices for rent, state-of-the-art conference facilities and event space. The Entrepreneurship Center would also include a makerspace with 3D printers and other high-tech tools available for public use. 

Project partners are exploring further funding opportunities that will enable the development of a mixed-use development at the site, which will include both commercial spaces and housing units.

“The Canton College Foundation is thrilled to be able to facilitate this project, and the board was solidly in support of this opportunity,” said Anne M. Sibley, SUNY Canton vice president for advancement, who signed the agreement with Cohen last Friday. “The potential benefits for the Canton community and SUNY Canton are tremendous. We look forward to further collaboration with other partners.”

This process was a collaborative effort between the Foundation, SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran, Village of Canton Mayor Michael Dalton and Town of Canton Supervisor Mary Ann Ashley. Also involved were representatives from Laker Development NY, LLC, which previously worked with St. Lawrence University to purchase one of its Main Street houses and develop the new Walgreens, and its partner, DEW Ventures, LLC.

“This project will bring new economic vitality and entrepreneurial activity to the heart of downtown,” said Szafran. “We all worked hard to make this a winning situation for everyone in Canton. We look forward to working with the developers and their teams to make this vision a reality.”

The redevelopment venture was included as a potential anchor project in the Village of Canton’s application for the $10 million New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative. If the Village is selected, a portion of the funding may be devoted to the undertaking. Other funding opportunities will also be pursued. 

“This has been a long-term process and a very cooperative effort,” said Dalton. “The collaboration is going to yield great things for Canton. I thank everyone involved for their creative energy and hard work.”

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading. 

Corning Community College Partners with SUNY Canton for Game Design

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

SUNY Corning Community College and SUNY Canton have implemented a “1+3” program in Game Design.

Students who complete the first year of the program at SUNY CCC and meet the appropriate academic requirements will be accepted into the Game Design and Development bachelor’s degree program at SUNY Canton.

“SUNY CCC is committed to helping students realize their professional goals,” said SUNY CCC Provost L. Dean Fisher, Ph.D. “Partnerships including the 1+3 program in Game Design with SUNY Canton pave a guided and smooth path for students who come to us with a vision in mind for the future. It also strengthens our suite of academic options.”

Corning and Canton logos

Students transferring under this agreement into SUNY Canton will be provided with a projected outline of their individual requirements for the bachelor’s degree. This effort will help provide students with academic advisement and career planning throughout their program of study.

“Partnering with SUNY CCC benefits both colleges tremendously,” said Associate Provost and Dean of Academic Support Services Molly A. Mott, Ph.D. “Joint programmatic offerings fit well within our mission and match the State University of New York’s laddering initiatives. Students can start at one college and seamlessly continue at another with a clear career goal in mind.”

SUNY Canton Game Design and Development major and eSports athlete Emily A. Oeser of Canajoharie in the college’s Digital Studio and Game Lab.

New students will be required to enroll in designated courses identified for the first year of the Game Design curriculum. During the following three years students can begin taking Computer Logic, Fundamentals of Game Design, and Intro to Programming. SUNY Canton’s program is overseen by Assistant Professor Ryan S. Hewer, the owner and lead developer for Little Red Dog Games.

SUNY Canton also has a thriving varsity esports program, which attracts numerous Game Design and Development students. Gamers can tryout to play for one of the college’s six teams, which include Blizzard’s “Overwatch,” Riot Games’ “League of Legends,” Epic Games’ “Fortnite,” among other popular titles.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading. 

Congratulations Spring 2019 Honor Students!

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

The President’s List, Dean’s List and Part Time Honor Roll have been released for the spring 2019 semester.

“We are celebrating the students with the highest grades at the college,” said SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran. “Your success is a point of pride for us. The college’s faculty, staff and administration are proud to share in your achievement.”

President’s List recognizes full-time students who achieve a GPA of 3.75 to 4.0. Dean’s List recognizes full-time students who have earned a GPA between 3.25 and 3.74. The college created the Part Time Honor Roll to recognize students who earned at least a 3.25 GPA in 6 to 11 credits of course work.

Students who earned academic honors were emailed a Merit Achievement and a news release was sent to their hometown newspapers. Students who have requested confidentiality are excluded from all published lists. For corrections or questions, please email, or call 315-386-7300.

President’s List

  • ShannonAbar, Health Care Management.
  • NoelAbreu, undeclared.
  • ChristinaAdams, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • ZacharyAhola, Business Administration.
  • AnneAkin, Finance.
  • AlyssaAllen, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • AzzatAlmasri, Finance.
  • JamieAmes, Nursing.
  • CarlyAmo, Criminal Investigation.
  • KyleAmyotte, Homeland Security.
  • ChristinaAnderson, Veterinary Technology.
  • JuliaAnderson, Legal Studies.
  • JohnathanAndre, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • ElizabethArquette, Health Care Management.
  • JerilynAshley, Legal Studies.
  • RebeccaAshley, Business Administration.
  • SarahAtanasio, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • KatlynAtkinson, Health Care Management.
  • BriannaAugustus, Criminal Investigation.
  • DionAumell, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • DylanAumell, Sports Management.
  • DenielleAvery, Health Care Management.
  • BrookeAyers, Criminal Investigation.
  • DembaBa, Management.
  • GabrielleBaker, Health Care Management.
  • ShelbieBaldwin, Accounting.
  • TreyBarnes, Engineering Science .
  • DeboraBartosova, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • BrielleBeadle, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • BriannaBeaulieu, Criminal Investigation.
  • BreannaBedborough, Business Administration.
  • TaylorBell, Early Childhood.
  • VeronicaBennie, Criminal Investigation.
  • AlisonBensley, Emergency Management.
  • MichaelBentley, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • KaylaBentz, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • IlirianaBerisha, Sports Management.
  • RebeccaBernier, Veterinary Technology.
  • WhitneyBernier, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JacobBero, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • ZacharyBidwell, Criminal Investigation.
  • JenniferBieksza, Criminal Investigation.
  • JasonnahBink, Criminal Investigation.
  • NoahBlair, Sports Management.
  • DakotaBlake, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • BrettBlanchard, Health Care Management.
  • AmberBleul, Management.
  • NoelBloomfield, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SethBly, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • DanielBonilla, Emergency Management.
  • AlexisBorst, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • WesleyBortnick, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • MaryClareBowes, Health Care Management.
  • TylerBowman, Criminal Investigation.
  • BryanBoyce, Electrical Construction and Maintenance.
  • HeathBoyea, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • PatriciaBreen, Veterinary Technology.
  • EricaBriggs, Finance.
  • ForrestBrockway, Homeland Security.
  • AaliyahBrooks, Applied Psychology.
  • ChelseaBroughton, Legal Studies.
  • LydiaBrown, Health Care Management.
  • KyleBrown, Individual Studies.
  • DustinBrown, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • OrnessaBrown, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • JenniferBrown, Health Care Management.
  • SarahBrue, Health Care Management.
  • ConagherBuckmaster, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • MirandaBulriss, Applied Psychology.
  • CourtneyBurgess, Health Care Management.
  • NicholasBurnett, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • TeresaBurnor, Criminal Justice.
  • JerryBush, HVAC Engineering Technology.
  • CeliaCabral, Legal Studies.
  • JessicaCabreja, Dental Hygiene.
  • MarkCalhoun, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • KimberlyCalkins, Health Care Management.
  • KristenCampagna, Health Care Management.
  • CassidyCampana, Legal Studies.
  • JosephCampbell, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KeatonCampbell, Homeland Security.
  • JamesCanevari, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • LeonCantwell, Game Design and Development.
  • JoelCarbone, Cybersecurity.
  • JamieCarey, Nursing.
  • AshleyCarpenter, Legal Studies.
  • JordanCarr, Finance.
  • BridgetCarta, Veterinary Technology.
  • KelseyCaruso-Sharpe, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • JacequelynnCaskinett, Homeland Security.
  • KarlCastedo-Garcia, Finance.
  • EricaCastrina, Finance.
  • AndrewChapin, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • MeghanChapple, Health Care Management.
  • ErnestoChen Qiu, Criminal Investigation.
  • ArainnaChest, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • DharmaChevalier, Veterinary Technology.
  • FelicidadChristensen, Funeral Services Administration.
  • BarbaraCircle, Health Care Management.
  • SchuylerClaes, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • BreannaClement, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • RhiannonClements, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • KelseyCleveland, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • DanteCoco, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KirkColbert, Management.
  • FarrahCole, Applied Psychology.
  • HaileyCollins, Game Design and Development.
  • IanColon, Homeland Security.
  • NicholasColucci, Game Design and Development.
  • BaileyConklin, Management.
  • ThomasContino, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • MeaghanCopeland, Health Care Management.
  • AlexandraCorradi, Legal Studies.
  • ShaylaCostello, Finance.
  • ColinCota, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • AmyCousins, Applied Psychology.
  • BethanyCouture, Health Care Management.
  • EthanCragg, Game Design and Development.
  • BreannaCullers, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • AdamCunningham, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KatharineCurtis, Health Care Management.
  • AmandaDahl, Veterinary Technology.
  • MicheleDaniels, Health Care Management.
  • AaronDaniels, Civil Engineering Technology.
  • HeatherDaoust, Criminal Investigation.
  • AmyDaskiewich, Finance.
  • JessicaDavis, Criminal Investigation.
  • DylanDavis, Sports Management.
  • MatteoDe Pasquale, Computer Information Systems.
  • MartinoDelgado, Homeland Security.
  • Ann MarieDellaquila, Legal Studies.
  • AnnaDeloriea, Funeral Services Administration.
  • CortneyDelosh, Health Care Management.
  • AmberDelosh-Niles, Nursing.
  • MitchleyDesroses, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MarissaDevine, Health Care Management.
  • SamanthaDevlin, Health Care Management.
  • ZaraDiawara, Management.
  • TristanDibble, Homeland Security.
  • MarcanDickey, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • TylerDickman, Homeland Security.
  • JessicaDiDuro, Finance.
  • LaChelleDilcox, Health Care Management.
  • KimberlyDistasio, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JeffreyDollinger, Accounting.
  • TannerDonaldson, Engineering Science.
  • ChelseaDonovan, Health Care Management.
  • KevinDorr, Finance.
  • KennethDortignacq, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • ClaudetteDossou-Kitti, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KaitlynDoud, Criminal Investigation.
  • KyleeDow, Management.
  • DelaneyDow, Applied Psychology.
  • BaileyDowns, Funeral Services Administration.
  • JimDuff, Emergency Management.
  • EmmaDuffany, Nursing.
  • SarahDupree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrookeDurfey, Health Care Management.
  • LoganEddy, Homeland Security.
  • AshlyEidecker, Legal Studies.
  • ChelseaEllis, Health Care Management.
  • ThairysFabre, Applied Psychology.
  • NicoleFairbanks, Nursing.
  • AdrianiaFanelli, Nursing.
  • EmilyFarrell, Applied Psychology.
  • AshleyFatiga, Health Care Management.
  • VanessaFavorito, Legal Studies.
  • AlysonFelt, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JacobFenlong, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • LydiaFenton, Individual Studies.
  • BrandonFerrotta, Cybersecurity.
  • GarrettFields, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • JocelynFifield, Health Care Management.
  • AnthonyFigueroa, undeclared.
  • AnthonyFiloso, Business Administration.
  • AllenFisher, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • TaylorFisher, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AndrewFitch, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • SarahFitzgerald, Criminal Justice.
  • KyleneFletcher, Criminal Investigation.
  • NicoleFlores, Criminal Investigation.
  • MercielFokou Fouossong, Management.
  • JudsonFoote, Individual Studies.
  • LisaFord, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • RheanneFortune, Legal Studies.
  • JasmineFrasher, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MeganFrasier, Criminal Investigation.
  • CollinFredette, Game Design and Development.
  • SusannahFreeman, Accounting.
  • SarahFreeman, Nursing.
  • AshleeFrench, Management.
  • CodyFuller, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • AshleyFurgison, Criminal Investigation.
  • ElainaGates, undeclared.
  • AndrewGehrig, Finance.
  • BrittanyGeorge, Criminal Investigation.
  • JaredGervais, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • JudithGiampietro, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • KatherineGiannetti, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • KieranGibson, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • JamesGibson, Criminal Investigation.
  • KendraGilbert, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • TristanGilmour, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • S’NyaGlover, Criminal Investigation.
  • AaronGokey, Health Care Management.
  • JamieGonzalez, Criminal Investigation.
  • DylanGonzalez, Criminal Investigation.
  • HannahGrant, Information Technology.
  • AbiolaGrant-Levine, Health Care Management.
  • DesireeGraziano, Health Care Management.
  • AlexanderGreen, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • LoganGreen, Legal Studies.
  • MariahGreenman, Criminal Investigation.
  • AlexisGrotto, Veterinary Technology.
  • KiraGuarniere, Legal Studies.
  • ThomasGuilfoil, HVAC Engineering Technology.
  • LoganGushea, Criminal Justice.
  • JordanGuyer, Applied Psychology.
  • BreannaHacia, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • StacieHale, Applied Psychology.
  • ElizabethHall, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SierraHalstead, Criminal Investigation.
  • SydneyHamilton, Early Childhood.
  • JeffreyHance, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • CodyHannigan, Health Care Management.
  • AmandaHansen, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • DaltonHanshaw, Cybersecurity.
  • MacKenzieHarris, Early Childhood Care and Management.
  • LeighaHaskins, Homeland Security.
  • ForestHathaway, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • KaylaHawkins, Homeland Security.
  • LaurenHawley, Criminal Investigation.
  • JenniferHay, Applied Psychology.
  • MadisonHazelton, Homeland Security.
  • GrantHeath, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • KristenHeinmiller, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • AmeliaHellijas, Criminal Investigation.
  • TylerHendrickson, Veterinary Technology.
  • DanielHeverns, Cybersecurity.
  • HunterHilton, Homeland Security.
  • LindsayHines, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JohnHolt, Emergency Management.
  • MorganHoolahan, Criminal Investigation.
  • JoshuaHotaling, Emergency Management.
  • CharlotteHuether, Legal Studies.
  • JeffreyHyde, Health Care Management.
  • RustyIngerson, Emergency Management.
  • BriannahIsaac, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • RhondaJackson, Individual Studies.
  • DanielJacobs, Finance.
  • ErinJacobs, Applied Psychology.
  • NolanJacobs, Emergency Management.
  • KyannJemmott, Veterinary Technology.
  • ChristineJennette, Emergency Management.
  • AngelaJinks, Legal Studies.
  • TylerJohnson, Game Design and Development.
  • DanielJohnson, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • JeromeJoseph, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • ShakeilJoseph, Health Care Management.
  • AlexanderKaczor, Emergency Management.
  • HahleKeller, Legal Studies.
  • LeahKerensky, Criminal Investigation.
  • MargaretKetchen, Legal Studies.
  • Kal-ElKey, Game Design and Development.
  • AubreyKidder, Veterinary Technology.
  • ScottKimble, Emergency Management.
  • AshleyKingsbury, Criminal Investigation.
  • RobertKlimowicz, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • JessicaKnapp, Veterinary Technology.
  • JordanKnapp, Sports Management.
  • EmilyKnapp, Engineering Science.
  • KayleighKnoll, Veterinary Technology.
  • KodyKocsis, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • LauraKurtz, Health Care Management.
  • HannahLabrozzi, Applied Psychology.
  • SaraLaDuke, Health Care Management.
  • LindseyLaMarche, Veterinary Technology.
  • TannerLapiene, Nursing.
  • MichaelLashomb, Sports Management.
  • AliciaLatini, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • AlyssaLawrence, Emergency Management.
  • HannahLawrence, Criminal Investigation.
  • TekyraLe’Gare, Business Administration.
  • MalkaLeidner, Homeland Security.
  • EricLeroux, Homeland Security.
  • BriannaLewis, Health Care Management.
  • BaileyLooker, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • CamiloLopez, Management.
  • KyleLorey, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • MindyLucas, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • JonathanLuse, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • EmilyLuse, Legal Studies.
  • KelseyLyga, Criminal Investigation.
  • GraceLyon, Veterinary Technology.
  • WilliamMa, Business Administration.
  • BrandiMagney, Management.
  • ChelseaMajor, Veterinary Technology.
  • MeganMalecki, Health Care Management.
  • EdwardMalinoski, Sports Management.
  • JeannaManning, Information Technology.
  • EdithManzo, Health Care Management.
  • LynseyMarcella, Veterinary Technology.
  • DanielleMarshall, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • ShawnMartin, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • DeniseMartin, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MarcosMartinez, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • KerstinMassia, Health Care Management.
  • McKenzieMattison, Homeland Security.
  • JoshuaMay, Homeland Security.
  • ChelseaMayo, Nursing.
  • MatthewMcAnulty, Finance.
  • BriannaMcDougal, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • RianMcFadden, Criminal Justice.
  • KaitlynMcGlaun, Criminal Investigation.
  • JohnMcGrath, Homeland Security.
  • JohnMcgrew, Criminal Investigation.
  • MaddisonMcIntosh, Information Technology.
  • ReilyMcIntosh, Business Administration.
  • PaulMcLaughlin, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • RussellMcManus, Finance.
  • MelissaMcMaster, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • SonnyMcPherson, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • MelissaMello, Veterinary Technology.
  • KaylahMenchaca, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • YaoMeng, Finance.
  • MaeleaMercado, Mechatronics Technology.
  • JamesMiddlemiss, Business Administration.
  • RuthanneMiddlemiss, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • CortneyMiller, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • MeganMiller, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • NicholasMiller, Criminal Investigation.
  • MeganMills, Health Care Management.
  • BrittanyMiner, Criminal Investigation.
  • AllisonMolborn, Applied Psychology.
  • PaigeMonacelli, Early Childhood.
  • BrittanyMonica, Health Care Management.
  • JonathanMonnat, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • AntoinetteMoon, Management.
  • JacobMoore, Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair.
  • PhillipasMoukas, Finance.
  • KaylaMyers, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • PeytonNadeau, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • GeorgeNehma, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • LaneNetto, Information Technology.
  • VictoriaNguyen, Criminal Investigation.
  • NoelleNiemiec, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • KeilaNunez, Criminal Investigation.
  • SaraO’Duffy, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • BryanO’Hearon, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • ChristianO’Hora, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MichaelaO’Riley, Veterinary Technology.
  • SchylerOakes, Health Care Management.
  • LindseyOliva, Health Care Management.
  • ShainaOlton, Health Care Management.
  • BrandonOsborne, Homeland Security.
  • MavisOsei, Health Care Management.
  • JaedynOssont, Sports Management.
  • ShaynaOstoyic, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • NickolasOwens, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • SeanOwney, Criminal Investigation.
  • JessicaPacific, Finance.
  • JessiePagano, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • GracePage, Sports Management.
  • DevinPage, Homeland Security.
  • RachelPaige, Nursing.
  • JustinPakatar, Finance.
  • KatiePalmer, Nursing.
  • SaigePapariello, Veterinary Technology.
  • RoderickParow, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • CzyrilPatacxil, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • EnyaPatterson, Funeral Services Administration.
  • AllisonPaxton, Legal Studies.
  • LucasPayne, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • JessicaPele, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • ChasePellow, Management.
  • KyleiPena, Criminal Investigation.
  • JosephPeppe, Industrial Technology Management.
  • MichaelPerrault, Finance.
  • JonathanPerry, Legal Studies.
  • ErikPerry, Management.
  • MacaylaPerry, Nursing.
  • RyanPerry, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • AdamPetric, Business Administration.
  • BrandiPhelan, Health Care Management.
  • SeanPhelan, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • GiovonniPhillips, Game Design and Development.
  • ColePiercey, Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair.
  • MakaylaPirger, Legal Studies.
  • GokulPisharody, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • DavidPontore, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • QuentinPowers, Homeland Security.
  • NaleesaPowis, Health Care Management.
  • ChanelPozo, Applied Psychology.
  • PatrickPrince, Engineering Science.
  • ChristinePritchard, Health Care Management.
  • HaleyPurdy, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • NathanielPynemercier, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • JocelynRacette, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • AllisonRamsey, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • SamanthaRamsey, Criminal Investigation.
  • MorganRandall, Management.
  • BriannaReaddean, Applied Psychology.
  • HaleyReed, Practical Nursing.
  • GregoryReid, Management.
  • MichaelRemington, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • EmilyRexford, Applied Psychology.
  • KaitlynReynolds, Individual Studies.
  • SusannahRipley, Health Care Management.
  • NathanRishe, Mechatronics Technology.
  • KiyanneRivers, Health Care Management.
  • TaylorRobert, Early Childhood.
  • PeytonRobinson, Criminal Investigation.
  • WilliamRobinson, Management.
  • AbbyRock, Health Care Management.
  • MorganRodriguez, Criminal Investigation.
  • SarahRoselli Ortiz, Health Care Management.
  • DeannaRosen, Criminal Investigation.
  • KarlyRothvoss, Agribusiness Management.
  • KateRowe, Health Care Management.
  • DagnySaja, Health Care Management.
  • AmySaladino, Legal Studies.
  • MollySammon, Criminal Investigation.
  • KeeleySample-Filimon, Individual Studies.
  • StevenSanchez, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • SierraSanders, Finance.
  • DylanSantiago, Game Design and Development.
  • AngeleeSantillo, Health Care Management.
  • AbigailSavage, Veterinary Technology.
  • JosephSchirmer, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • MarySchneider, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • RyanSchubert, Criminal Investigation.
  • RaquelScrenci, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • HunterShaver, Applied Psychology.
  • AbigailShearer, Individual Studies.
  • DianeShearer, Finance.
  • WilliamShearer, Legal Studies.
  • SeanShepard, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • HannahShippee, Individual Studies.
  • KalaShope, Health Care Management.
  • CrystalShorette, Finance.
  • KimberlySimpson, Finance.
  • VincentSimpson, Criminal Investigation.
  • SamanthaSmith, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • JulieSmoke, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MatthewSnodgrass, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrandonSnyder, Game Design and Development.
  • JordanSnyder, Criminal Investigation.
  • DanielSossover, undeclared.
  • IsabelaSpelta, Civil Engineering Technology.
  • JessicaStettner, Criminal Investigation.
  • JohnStevenson, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • MatthewStocking, Health Care Management.
  • SamanthaStone, Criminal Investigation.
  • KyleighStorrs, Criminal Investigation.
  • ZoeStrong, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • JesicaStroud, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • TaylorSullivan, Applied Psychology.
  • BrookeSusac, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MadisonSussey, Health Care Management.
  • AlyssaSuzuki, Criminal Investigation.
  • MatthewSvarczkopf, Homeland Security.
  • TrevorSwinyer, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • KristenTanawots, Health Care Management.
  • TiaTassava, Management.
  • JonTayler, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MaKenzieTaylor, Criminal Investigation.
  • WilliamTennant, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • ChristopherTheophile, Criminal Investigation.
  • MuhanukaThierry, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • NathanThomas, Construction Technology:  Management.
  • RachelThornhill, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • KennethTimerman, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • LindseyToms, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MelissaTram, Finance.
  • SamanthaTremblay, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • LaurenTruesdell, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • AlexisTucker, Criminal Investigation.
  • ClaireTurcotte, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • TylerTurkington, Finance.
  • DerekTyndall, Funeral Services Administration.
  • KarterVanArnam, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • MikelVanArsdale, Applied Psychology.
  • TaylorVanBrocklin, Criminal Investigation.
  • ArianaViera, Management.
  • JacobVierno, Homeland Security.
  • CarlyVoerg, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • JamieVogt, Criminal Investigation.
  • RyanVollmer, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • MichaelVolpe, Criminal Investigation.
  • ForrestVorolieff, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • KoreenaWaite, Individual Studies.
  • JoshuaWakefield, Information Technology.
  • MaryWallace, Finance.
  • LenysiaWalters, Health Care Management.
  • HeatherWangenstein, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • NicholeWard, Criminal Investigation.
  • JenniferWard, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • KaylaWeakley, Veterinary Technology.
  • IsabellaWenslow, Funeral Services Administration.
  • JosephWerner, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • ShannonWest, Individual Studies.
  • AmandaWhite, Health Care Management.
  • PaigeWhitton, Sports Management.
  • ZacharyWidrick, Automotive Technology.
  • KurstenWiegandt, Nursing.
  • KainWilder, Sports Management.
  • TylerWilley, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • AmberWilliams, Health Care Management.
  • LaurenWilliams, Criminal Investigation.
  • JacqulineWilliams, Health Care Management.
  • ZacharyWilliams, Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • TearaWilliams, Criminal Investigation.
  • MichaelWilson, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • JordynWise, Applied Psychology.
  • ChristopherWolfe-McGuire, Game Design and Development.
  • AndrewWoodard, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • HarleyWoodruff, Information Technology.
  • BristolWoods, Veterinary Technology.
  • HeatherWorden, Health Care Management.
  • ParkerWyckoff, Homeland Security.
  • PeterXanthaky, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • LaurenYager, Veterinary Technology.
  • RaechelYost, Veterinary Technology.
  • KyleYuckel, Veterinary Technology.
  • RyanYutzler, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • ErwinZahler, Emergency Management.
  • KaleighZappia, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • CalleeZulauf, Health and Fitness Promotion.

Dean’s List

  • IsabelAbrams, Criminal Investigation.
  • FitimAhmetaj, Homeland Security.
  • TuckerAinslie, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • EvranAkman, Management.
  • CourtneyAllen, Criminal Investigation.
  • KendraAllen, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • JosieAllen, Applied Psychology.
  • MonicaAlvarez, Individual Studies.
  • NathanialAnderson, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • KristieAndre, Health Care Management.
  • JacobAngleberger, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • VondellAntoine, Funeral Services Administration.
  • DanaArbusto, Veterinary Technology.
  • AntoineAronson, Health Care Management.
  • BrendanArthur, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • HollyAschenbrenner, Nursing.
  • AutumnAshley, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • AlyssaAttardo, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • SydneyAxton, Veterinary Technology.
  • ShanequaBailey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrittanyBailey, Management.
  • MarcusBaird, Management.
  • NicholasBallato, Emergency Management.
  • TyriqBarnes, Homeland Security.
  • NicholasBarney, Management.
  • LindaBarron, Veterinary Technology.
  • SarahBartlett, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • AlexandriaBartley, Health Care Management.
  • BrandonBautista, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • LorraineBeard, Nursing.
  • KayTeBeardsley, Dental Hygiene.
  • TimothyBeauchamp, Criminal Investigation.
  • SidneyBelmore, Construction Technology:  Management.
  • BlazeBenedict, Criminal Investigation.
  • NicoleBenz, Veterinary Technology.
  • ZaireBerkeley, Criminal Investigation.
  • MarisaBernarding, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • EmilyBerrios, Veterinary Technology.
  • EricaBerthen, Management.
  • EricaBertolone, Health Care Management.
  • RyanBesaw, Individual Studies.
  • JaredBigness, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • HopeBishop-Myers, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • AmandaBixby, Applied Psychology.
  • BreannaBixby, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • DallasBlair, Veterinary Technology.
  • NicoleBlance, Veterinary Technology.
  • AmandaBocko, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • BrandonBoncamper, Homeland Security.
  • ThomasBortnick, Business Administration.
  • AbbigayleBowlin, Individual Studies.
  • NicholasBoyce, Cybersecurity.
  • AlexanderBoyden, Game Design and Development.
  • NolanBreckenridge, Civil Engineering Technology.
  • AlyssaBrenno, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • AnthonyBrew-Wiredu, Health Care Management.
  • JacquelineBrouty, Veterinary Technology.
  • MatthewBrown, Veterinary Technology.
  • MichaelBucholtz, Engineering Science.
  • VictoriaBulson, Individual Studies.
  • JakeBurmeier, Legal Studies.
  • ChristinaBush, Health Care Management.
  • TanasiaButler, Applied Psychology.
  • ElishaByrd, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • TonnajaByrd, Criminal Justice.
  • AlexandriaCaceres, undeclared.
  • CalebCalk, Management.
  • MarcusCampos, Legal Studies.
  • AshleyCanela, Criminal Investigation.
  • EmilyCaplette, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • BrendenCapria, Engineering Science.
  • JasmineCarr, Criminal Investigation.
  • AlexisCarreau, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • MadisonCazziol, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • IsaiahCechnicki, Funeral Services Administration.
  • ChristopherChambers, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • JaimieChapin, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • CarolynCharles, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelCharleson, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • DanielCharlton, Management.
  • PaigeChase, Nursing.
  • CharissaChavarria, Health Care Management.
  • JessicaCheatom, Criminal Investigation.
  • CasandraClarke, Sports Management.
  • RosalindClay, Health Care Management.
  • GarritCoddington, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • JadeCoffey, Criminal Investigation.
  • JonasColbert, Veterinary Technology.
  • McKaylaColler, Criminal Investigation.
  • GeorgyannaCollins, Health Care Management.
  • KimberlyCollins, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • CassandraConrad, Veterinary Technology.
  • AliaCook, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelCook, Homeland Security.
  • MichaelCooney, Cybersecurity.
  • CourtneyCooper, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • SamanthaCoriano, Criminal Investigation.
  • TyCotter, Homeland Security.
  • KolbyCouch, Homeland Security.
  • KellyCougler, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • McCartneyCountryman, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MadisonCragle, Individual Studies.
  • AlisonCroke, Management.
  • CrystalCrosbie, Individual Studies.
  • LillianCullen, Criminal Investigation.
  • JonathanCurrier, Information Technology.
  • ZacharyCurtis, Funeral Services Administration.
  • KyleighDailey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SachaDalipsingh, Legal Studies.
  • MyDang, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • CharlesDann, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • SupriyaDas, Health Care Management.
  • DarrellDavidson, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • BrittanyDavidson, Nursing.
  • DannyDavis, Cybersecurity.
  • FergyDean, Management.
  • HannahDeBoerdere, Homeland Security.
  • AlexanderDeLavergne, undeclared.
  • SarahDelk, Criminal Justice.
  • MollyDenny, Applied Psychology.
  • KortniDerouin, Veterinary Technology.
  • ShaylynDevito, Applied Psychology.
  • ElizabethDexter, Management.
  • EmilyDishaw, Homeland Security.
  • AshleyDixon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • LarecusDobbs, Sports Management.
  • KyleiDolder, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • EmilyDolphin, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • DillanDomagala, Homeland Security.
  • TrentDow, Criminal Justice.
  • BrittneyDrinkwine, Health Care Management.
  • EliseDufresne, Applied Psychology.
  • JaydeDukette, Health Care Management.
  • SaraDurham, Nursing.
  • MicheleEarle, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • CheyenneEarlywine, Nursing.
  • RaigenEhly, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • TaylorEllis, Practical Nursing.
  • ElianErickson, Game Design and Development.
  • TobennaErike, Individual Studies.
  • SierraErwin, Veterinary Technology.
  • RaquelEspinosa Chavez, Individual Studies.
  • SumikoEvans, Criminal Investigation.
  • BreanaEvans, Business Administration.
  • KeeganFawcett, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • HeatherFederow, Veterinary Technology.
  • KyleField, undeclared.
  • CatherineFigueroa, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • AshleyFink, Criminal Investigation.
  • MorganFisher, Homeland Security.
  • KevinFisher, Sports Management.
  • KyraFlynn, Veterinary Technology.
  • ChandlerFoley, Automotive Technology.
  • StephenFolk, Information Technology.
  • AllisonFord, Veterinary Technology.
  • CassandraFoster, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AshleeFowler, Applied Psychology.
  • EthanFowler, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • JediyahFrancis, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • LaurenFrancis, Veterinary Technology.
  • MichaelFrancis III, Cybersecurity.
  • Emma-LeeFrary, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JennaFrench, Veterinary Technology.
  • AlexanderFulciniti, Finance.
  • MeganFullerton, Practical Nursing.
  • AndrewGarrett, Sports Management.
  • NancyGbekley, Business Administration.
  • JoshuaGeller, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • KimberlyGeorge, Veterinary Technology.
  • CaitlynGerrard, Individual Studies.
  • KierstenGibbons, Health Care Management.
  • SherreeGibson, Individual Studies.
  • AlexanderGideon, Finance.
  • GaynelleGilbride, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AshleyGillespie, Veterinary Technology.
  • KarlGillow, Emergency Management.
  • KaliffaaGlasgow, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • CoreyGold, Construction Technology:  Management.
  • EmelyGomez, Individual Studies.
  • DelanoGordon, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • DevenGrant, Information Technology.
  • CathrynGriffith, Health Care Management.
  • KristopherGrow, Homeland Security.
  • MatthewGuarasce, Construction Technology:  Management.
  • WendyHadfield, Applied Psychology.
  • DarnieshaHall, Veterinary Technology.
  • BrettHall, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • JeffreyHalstrom, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • ElizaJaneHamilton, Nursing.
  • EmilyHankins, Nursing.
  • JanieHansel, Health Care Management.
  • ChristianHardy, Game Design and Development.
  • SophiaHarris, Applied Psychology.
  • RyanHarris, Homeland Security.
  • PaigeHarvey, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • KierstenHarvey, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JordanHatch, Homeland Security.
  • BriannaHawks, Health Care Management.
  • MikaylaHayden, Veterinary Technology.
  • MichaelHayes, Criminal Justice.
  • KarrieHeath, Finance.
  • MichaelHenry, Game Design and Development.
  • MadelineHewitt, Legal Studies.
  • MorganHinman, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • ReeseHoag, Criminal Investigation.
  • TiffanyHobby, Applied Psychology.
  • Bobbi-AnnHoffman, Applied Psychology.
  • TylerHogle, Automotive Technology.
  • ChristianHojenski, Homeland Security.
  • KristinaHollenbeck, Health Care Management.
  • RobertHolliday, Business Administration.
  • NatalieHolmes, Health Care Management.
  • FatishaHolness, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • DanielleHolsopple, Veterinary Technology.
  • BreannaHoward, Veterinary Technology.
  • GriffinHughes, Homeland Security.
  • LeannHulse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MacyHutchins, Early Childhood Care and Management.
  • NadiaIlyayev, Finance.
  • BrianaImpastato, Agribusiness Management.
  • RuthJabaut, Criminal Investigation.
  • BenjaminJacobs, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • TyronJamison, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • AmeryJarrett, Industrial Technology Management.
  • MiaJermano, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • DominiqueJohnson, Management.
  • SaraJordan, Dental Hygiene.
  • JosephKasinge, Information Technology.
  • MaryKeach, Health Care Management.
  • HeatherKelley, Health Care Management.
  • Alex NicanorKenmogne Tayou, Management.
  • VictoriaKenny, Nursing.
  • AnastasiaKent, Health Care Management.
  • DawsonKerr, Criminal Justice.
  • TaylorKiechle, Health Care Management.
  • KennethKincaid, Business Administration.
  • GraceKing, Nursing.
  • BryanKister, Business Administration.
  • JacksonKlatt, HVAC Engineering Technology.
  • MelissaKlein, Criminal Investigation.
  • RachelKlock, Nursing.
  • TaraLaboski, Health Care Management.
  • CapriceLaDue, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • JuanLamarche, undeclared.
  • AlyssaLaneuville, Health Care Management.
  • ElizabethLaSalle, Dental Hygiene.
  • JustinLaSalle, Sports Management.
  • TimothyLashomb, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KaylaLauzon, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • SamuelLawrence, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • DaziaLaws, Criminal Investigation.
  • TysonLazare, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MichaelLazore, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • IndiaLeddy, Veterinary Technology.
  • RyanLee, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • HannahLee, Nursing.
  • BarandykLeo, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • JacobLeonard, undeclared.
  • HaileyLepage, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MarkLepone, Criminal Investigation.
  • KyleLeroux, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • KaB:BylaLewandowski, Legal Studies.
  • Bless-SadeLindo, Applied Psychology.
  • AshleyLivingston, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • StephanieLoftus, Nursing.
  • HarleyLoran, Health Care Management.
  • TheresaLoucks, Veterinary Technology.
  • JocelyneLovely, Criminal Justice.
  • SharonLuce, Emergency Management.
  • DannyLucey, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • NathanielLudke, Game Design and Development.
  • PaulaLugo, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • SaraLynch, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • CollinLynk, Criminal Investigation.
  • NaomiMac Millan, Legal Studies.
  • ChelseyMacKay, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • CalinMaguire, Homeland Security.
  • AbdelmadjidMahamad Abdallah, Criminal Investigation.
  • TianaMangine, Applied Psychology.
  • OliviaManor, Nursing.
  • AnnalisaMariani, Finance.
  • CaitlinMarks, Nursing.
  • JoshuaMarshall, Sports Management.
  • CassyMartel, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelMartin, HVAC Engineering Technology.
  • DestinyMason, Management.
  • AyannaMason, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SamuelMathison, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • AntonioMatos, Game Design and Development.
  • WilsonMatos-Ramos, Management.
  • DanielMaze, Management.
  • HeatherMcclure, Health Care Management.
  • KieraMcConnell, Nursing.
  • AmandaMcFayden, Health Care Management.
  • ShawnMcgregor, Emergency Management.
  • CorinneMcKnight, Information Technology.
  • ArielMclean, Individual Studies.
  • ColeMcMahon, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • AdamMcNeill, Criminal Investigation.
  • ChristopherMcVannan, Homeland Security.
  • LoganMead, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • DanaeMedina, Criminal Investigation.
  • AndersonMedina, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • SelinaMercado, undeclared.
  • RachelMerica, Criminal Investigation.
  • CheyenneMerry, Criminal Investigation.
  • NicklausMesserschmidt, Cybersecurity.
  • MeaganMetott, Nursing.
  • DevonMeunier, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • AlexandriaMikula, Criminal Investigation.
  • MoniqueMiller, Management.
  • JamaiMitchell, undeclared.
  • ChanceMonette, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KevinMontero, Management.
  • BrandonMontroy, Homeland Security.
  • TylerMoraski, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • JamesMorehouse, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • ConnerMorse, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • ShumarMoxam, undeclared.
  • MyaMujica, undeclared.
  • CobyMunson, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • JoyceMustain, Individual Studies.
  • EmilyMyers, Individual Studies.
  • MoriahNagelberg, Health Care Management.
  • ThomasNagle, Game Design and Development.
  • AmandaNahar, Veterinary Technology.
  • SherraineNasharty, Finance.
  • CeceliaNeally, Management.
  • MatthewNeedleman, Business Administration.
  • ZackeryNewman, Criminal Investigation.
  • RyanNewtown, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KasseyNorthrop, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • SheaNorton, Criminal Investigation.
  • Hughes MartialNtwari, Management.
  • DevinNusbaum, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • TuckerO’Brien, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • AnnaO’Neil, Nursing.
  • ChelseaOduro, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • EmilyOeser, Game Design and Development.
  • JessicaOliver, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • DanaOlmstead, Veterinary Technology.
  • SaraOlsen, Health Care Management.
  • MelindaOrologio, Criminal Justice.
  • DelaneyOrsorio, Health Care Management.
  • KalebOrtega, Homeland Security.
  • BrookeOshier, Practical Nursing.
  • MarielyOtero, Legal Studies.
  • JesseOtto, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • KingsleyOwusu, Information Technology.
  • LaurenParedes, Cybersecurity.
  • KyleyPascarella, Management.
  • StephaniePaul, Health Care Management.
  • ArlandyPaul-Dorval, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KerriPellam, Nursing.
  • AnthonyPelusi, Applied Psychology.
  • JosephinePena, Legal Studies.
  • StephaniePenree, Criminal Investigation.
  • KayleighPerry, Health Care Management.
  • CaseyPetell, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MeghanPhillips, Veterinary Technology.
  • KaylaPhillips, Criminal Investigation.
  • KellyPiedrahita, Veterinary Technology.
  • JosephPilon, Automotive Technology.
  • RichardPilon, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • LeslyannPinder, Criminal Investigation.
  • KathleenPolley, Funeral Services Administration.
  • ChristopherPonsammy, Health Care Management.
  • RogerPowers, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • BradleyPray, Criminal Investigation.
  • KaraPrimer, Criminal Investigation.
  • LoganPritchard, Sustainable Energy Technology.
  • KatherineQuane, Criminal Investigation.
  • KellyannQuintana, Health Care Management.
  • SkyllarRabatoy, Criminal Investigation.
  • ChandraRamos, Health Care Management.
  • DamienRazis, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JamonicaReid-Hughes, Individual Studies.
  • JulioReyes Santana, Health Care Management.
  • JazmineReynolds, Veterinary Technology.
  • BruceReynolds, Homeland Security.
  • AllisonRicci, Criminal Investigation.
  • PaigeRichardson, Criminal Investigation.
  • LeeRider, Criminal Investigation.
  • CameronRider, Engineering Science.
  • SarahRiedel, Homeland Security.
  • PaulRiggio, Game Design and Development.
  • MatthewRiggs, Legal Studies.
  • HaliRio, Health Care Management.
  • AngelaRios, Health Care Management.
  • EdwardRitz, Health Care Management.
  • AmayaRivera, Early Childhood.
  • JennaRoat, Legal Studies.
  • ChristopherRobbins, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • TyannaRobinson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • DestinyRodrigues, Individual Studies.
  • DonRodriguez, Criminal Investigation.
  • JorgeRodriguez Lomeli, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • SadeRogers, Health Care Management.
  • MelissaRossi, Health Care Management.
  • StephanieRosten, Management.
  • LaurenRoth, Veterinary Technology.
  • MadisonRowe, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • NicholasRowe, Homeland Security.
  • BriannaRussman, Individual Studies.
  • JannaRyor, Veterinary Technology.
  • MoniaSaleh, Legal Studies.
  • DylanSalica, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • MaxSanchez, Emergency Management.
  • MatthewSanderson, Automotive Technology.
  • GabrielSantana, Emergency Management.
  • FernandoSantana, Management.
  • BrittanySantana, Health Care Management.
  • ChristinaSaraiva, Nursing.
  • GriffinSavard, Automotive Technology.
  • TristanScelzi, Game Design and Development.
  • WendiSchalkham, Finance.
  • ChelseaScheuerman, Health Care Management.
  • MatthewSchifani, Information Technology.
  • LeannaSchoff, Individual Studies.
  • SydneyShadle, Early Childhood.
  • AndreyShafranov, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • ChristopherShearer, Nursing.
  • KristenSiegel, Veterinary Technology.
  • SheridanSimmons, Management.
  • TatianaSinchi, Veterinary Technology.
  • ShannenSipko, Criminal Justice.
  • AmySkrip, Management.
  • CamrynSmeatin, Veterinary Technology.
  • IbuSmith, Sports Management.
  • GenevieveSmith, Nursing.
  • GraceSmith, Nursing.
  • RyanneSmith, Criminal Investigation.
  • MirandaSmith, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • KatelynSmith, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AshleySooklall, Business Administration.
  • CatherineSperbeck, Criminal Investigation.
  • JoshuaStevens, Management.
  • NathanStickney, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • BaileyStickney, Nursing.
  • AlexandraStout, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • WilliamSultzer, Information Technology.
  • KennethSummers, Individual Studies.
  • PaigeSunderland, Nursing.
  • ColeSweeney, Criminal Investigation.
  • KaylinSwitzer, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JeffrySwope, Legal Studies.
  • AndrewTapia, Management.
  • RileyTaylor, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • NardinTengeng, Management.
  • DylanTerry, Sports Management.
  • IsabelleTeston, Applied Psychology.
  • SethTharrett, Homeland Security.
  • CashauhnThomas, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • CalliThomas, Individual Studies.
  • MelissaThomas, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JosephineThompson, Veterinary Technology.
  • BryanTirado Robles, Health Care Management.
  • NatashaTompkins, Funeral Services Administration.
  • GabrielleTorres, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • LuisTorres Rivera, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • JadenToulson, Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • JosephineTowne, Veterinary Technology.
  • WilliamTrapp, Sports Management.
  • CollinTrathen, Engineering Science.
  • KaitlynTrusty, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • MichaelTubbs, Game Design and Development.
  • DawnTurnbull, Finance.
  • NicoleTyler, Applied Psychology.
  • DylanTyo, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • SydneyUthe, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • MaryVaisey, Applied Psychology.
  • RichardVallejos, Cybersecurity.
  • PeterVanOrman, Funeral Services Administration.
  • TinaVassar, Nursing.
  • NicoleVehec, Management.
  • FranklynViafara, Game Design and Development.
  • HassanVinent Forcade, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • DavidViruso, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • AllisonWakefield, Applied Psychology.
  • NicholasWalberger, Health Care Management.
  • SchuylerWaldron, Cybersecurity.
  • JosephWalker, Engineering Science.
  • KelarWalker, Management.
  • JesseWalley, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • DanielleWalters, Veterinary Technology.
  • AustinWashkurak, Management.
  • AmberWeaver, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JulieWeite, Emergency Management.
  • JessieWentzel, Health Care Management.
  • DiamondWest, Management.
  • BraydenWhite, Legal Studies.
  • EthanWhite, Engineering Science.
  • KambreeWhite, Finance.
  • AlysiaWhitton, Early Childhood Care and Management.
  • DanielWhitton, Engineering Science.
  • AlexanderWiederhold, Game Design and Development.
  • RobynWilk, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • AndrewWilkes, Emergency Management.
  • AaliyahWilliams, Health Care Management.
  • JustineWilliamson, Veterinary Technology.
  • KyleWood, Sports Management.
  • JaharaWright Walker, Criminal Investigation.
  • AngelYanez, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • AshleyYarter, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • JoshuaYelvington, Finance.
  • CassidyYetter, Veterinary Technology.
  • BenjaminYork, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • CarolineYork, Agribusiness Management.
  • ChoraYoung, Management.

Part Time Honors

  • CarlyAliff, Health Care Management.
  • SarahAlley, Emergency Management.
  • RashondahAnderson, Early Childhood Care and Management.
  • LisaAndrews, Health Care Management.
  • AndreaArquiett, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SaraAshley, Individual Studies.
  • KelsyBaker, Finance.
  • JenniferBarnes, Health Care Management.
  • TiffanyBartee, Funeral Services Administration.
  • TaraBatson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MichelleBattles, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SheilaBeaulac, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrianBennett, Emergency Management.
  • VinneaBenson, Legal Studies.
  • JohnBernius, Funeral Services Administration.
  • RebeccaBevacqua, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • DreuBriggs, Emergency Management.
  • GregoryBronson, Criminal Justice.
  • EvelynBrooks, Health Care Management.
  • KarisaBryant, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • YariadnaBuckley, Dental Hygiene.
  • DeannaBurgio, Health Care Management.
  • DavidCaputo, Emergency Management.
  • JoleneCarotenuto, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Cam’ronCarter, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • KaceyCasas, Legal Studies.
  • JohnCasterline, Emergency Management.
  • CarlaCaswell, Legal Studies.
  • NatalieCernosek, Legal Studies.
  • AmandaCesta, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AntanasiaChambers, Accounting.
  • TylerChmielewski, Finance.
  • JosephCieri, Health Care Management.
  • AleciaClark, Finance.
  • AkayciaColbert, Early Childhood.
  • CotyCollins, Business Administration.
  • KellyConlon, Legal Studies.
  • EdwardConway, Funeral Services Administration.
  • LindsayCook, Health Care Management.
  • JanelleCordone, Emergency Management.
  • CarlinaCountryman, Emergency Management.
  • RainbowCrabtree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KarleyCree, Liberal Arts-General Studies.
  • JodiCroker, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • CynthiaCutway, Health Care Management.
  • TiffanyDavis, Health Care Management.
  • BrittanyDenslow, Finance.
  • LauraDewey, Health Care Management.
  • GabrielleDidas, Veterinary Technology.
  • JohnDignam, Emergency Management.
  • JosephDiMatteo, Management.
  • SelvetaDjokic, Management.
  • SamanthaEdinger, Health Care Management.
  • BethFarley, Health Care Management.
  • MistyFarnsworth, Health Care Management.
  • TammyFarr, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • RobbieFefee, Emergency Management.
  • MichelleFerringo, Nursing.
  • RebeccaFillmore, Management.
  • AubreyFord, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • EmilyFrank, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SierraGagnon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • PaulaGarcia, Veterinary Technology.
  • JeannineGardner, Nursing.
  • JolieGendel, Health Care Management.
  • AtifGhaffar, Health Care Management.
  • JenniferGilbo, Business Administration.
  • EllenGill, Dental Hygiene.
  • JenniferGordon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MeganGore, Individual Studies.
  • AlyssaGratien, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • ElizabethGravlin, Management.
  • EricaGreene, Health Care Management.
  • TeahGriffith, Dental Hygiene.
  • WilliamGrochala, Finance.
  • KadieHaines, Criminal Justice.
  • AubreyHampton, Legal Studies.
  • LoganHarrington, Dental Hygiene.
  • JennaHarrington, Health Care Management.
  • CynthiaHasty, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KierianHeagle, Homeland Security.
  • ThomasHeath, Graphic and Multimedia Design.
  • AdamHenn, Homeland Security.
  • JeremyHicks, Health Care Management.
  • PatrycjaHinc, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • YannaHiotis, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MarkHoag, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • JordanHoke, Management.
  • PamelaHollington, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KristineHooper, Health Care Management.
  • KellyHutchins, Management.
  • ElizabethHutchinson, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KaylaIannuzzi, Management.
  • WilliamJean Gilles, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelJent, Individual Studies.
  • LoriannaJohnson, Business Administration.
  • RobertJohnson, Emergency Management.
  • KaylaJones, Criminal Investigation.
  • CadeJones, Computer Information Systems.
  • AmandaKenyon, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrianKguloian, Homeland Security.
  • MelanieKlauser, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • LeslieKolancian, Management.
  • ChanpreetKondal, Legal Studies.
  • GregLabuz, Finance.
  • DavidLadwig, Legal Studies.
  • AshleyLaFay, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JoshuaLaMere, Health Care Management.
  • BrittanyLandoll, Practical Nursing.
  • AliciaLaRose, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • LucasLarose, undeclared.
  • NealLauzon, Electrical Construction and Maintenance.
  • TylerLaw, Law Enforcement Leadership.
  • AndrewLazore, Engineering Science.
  • AdamLeBeau, Finance.
  • EileenLee, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelLinardi, Finance.
  • CathyLoDico, Health Care Management.
  • NicoleMacartney, Legal Studies.
  • SylviaMach, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BaliMacKentley, Nursing.
  • KristenMacknail, Health Care Management.
  • TaraMarcin, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology.
  • DonnaMartin, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • BenjaminMatott, Management.
  • BrittanyMatott, Legal Studies.
  • MollyMcManus, Management.
  • LeeMeggison, Health Care Management.
  • BryanMehaffy, Industrial Technology Management.
  • StefanieMiller, Health and Fitness Promotion.
  • SamanthaMiller, Health Care Management.
  • JanMiller, Applied Psychology.
  • StaceyMontour, Accounting.
  • MichaelMorgia, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KaylaMorley, Veterinary Technology.
  • LoganMossow, Individual Studies.
  • DorotaMrela, Finance.
  • BlakeMuhleisen, Management.
  • NicoleMurphy, Legal Studies.
  • AmberMurphy, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SaraNabozny, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • ElizabethNegron, Health Care Management.
  • NicoleNiles, Finance.
  • HeatherNoonan, Legal Studies.
  • RachelO’Shea, Health Care Management.
  • KaylaOstasz, Dental Hygiene.
  • RachelPaugh, Veterinary Science Technology.
  • MackenziePayne, Nursing.
  • MeganPazdur, Health Care Management.
  • AshleyPeggs, Health Care Management.
  • AaronPeo, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • AbbyPhilbrick, Dental Hygiene.
  • ChelseaPierce, Applied Psychology.
  • ToshaPlichta, Finance.
  • AndreaPost, undeclared.
  • LaurenPremo, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • WaynePremo, Legal Studies.
  • CharlynnProctor-Burch, Homeland Security.
  • KevinQuinn, Emergency Management.
  • BrittanyRafferty, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JesikaReed, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MikeReggio, Management.
  • BrandonRexford, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • MichelleRiordan, Legal Studies.
  • BernadetteRodriguez, Emergency Management.
  • GaryRodriguez, Finance.
  • ShellyRubas, Dental Hygiene.
  • JohnSanborn, Health Care Management.
  • MichaelScaramuzzino, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • JenkinSchmidt, Homeland Security.
  • ErikSheridan, Management.
  • SarahShirley, Accounting.
  • La ToyaSmith, Accounting.
  • AshleenSpeen, Management.
  • StephanieSt.Denis, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • KendraStelick, Dental Hygiene.
  • BrianSuraf, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Rong JieTan, Health Care Management.
  • KarolinaTerebey, Dental Hygiene.
  • SamanthaTerrell, Finance.
  • JoanneThompson, Management.
  • ChristinaTobar, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • NicoleTurner, Finance.
  • JacklynUlban, Emergency Management.
  • PatrickUrckfitz, Management.
  • TerriVanalstyne, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • RebeccaVelez, Emergency Management.
  • AshleyWakefield, Health Care Management.
  • TaylorWalker, Veterinary Service Administration.
  • RobertWallace, Finance.
  • MarraWalter, Homeland Security.
  • DanielWargo, Homeland Security.
  • WhitneyWaugh, Nursing.
  • JennyWebster, Health Care Management.
  • KaliWeinstein, Health Care Management.
  • SarahWeir, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • BrentWhipple, Management.
  • CharlesWhite, Applied Psychology.
  • AdrianaWhitmarsh, Practical Nursing.
  • SoniaWhitmarsh, Health Care Management.
  • RachelWick, Individual Studies.
  • CourtneyWilliams, Dental Hygiene.
  • CarolWilson, Management.
  • MelissaWormuth, Emergency Management.
  • KrystalZiegler, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • NatashaZmitrowitz, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • SarahZufall, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Funeral Services Administration Professor Receives Distinguished Faculty Award

Friday, May 24th, 2019

The SUNY Canton College Council has selected a highly respected expert in the funeral services field as the recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Faculty Award.

Professor Emeritus Barry W. Walch was recognized at the college’s William J. Mein Honors Convocation Ceremony April 24.

Barry Walch speaks at Honors Convocation 2019

Walch’s career at SUNY Canton has spanned 30 years, during which time he played a key role in developing two academic programs: an associate degree in Mortuary Science, and a bachelor’s degree in Funeral Services Administration. His ongoing work to revise and update the four-year program’s curriculum has resulted in improved student test scores on the National Board Exam. His university service also includes 16 years as chair of the Curriculum Committee.

Many of Walch’s current and former students supported his nomination, saying he was an influential mentor and professor. The Phi Theta Kappa honor society has presented him with six Golden Apple Awards, which honors outstanding faculty members. 

“Barry’s teaching style exemplifies quality education at a collegiate level,” said Walch’s former student Steven L. Johnson, class of 2005 and 2016, a licensed funeral director and an adjunct instructor in SUNY Canton’s Funeral Services Administration program. “His ability to take complicated concepts and make them understandable by providing real-life examples and interesting anecdotes is what makes him unique.”

Walch’s colleagues also praised his skill in developing the right learning environment necessary to promote success.

Barry Walch receives his award from Brayden White and President Szafran

“Barry is a skilled educator who is passionate about teaching. His ability to engage and involve students in obtaining knowledge of subject matter is exemplary,” said SUNY Canton Professor Maureen P. Maiocco, Ed.D., director of the Early Childhood and Early Childhood Care and Management degree programs. “Students and colleagues appreciate his friendly demeanor, humor and collaborative nature.”

Walch’s position as a leader in his field was also a contributing factor to his selection. He is the former director of the New York State Funeral Directors Association and a founding director of the Tribute Foundation, the association’s philanthropic arm. The foundation seeks to stimulate research, improve and support professional education, increase public outreach, and sponsor forums to foster policy dialogue on end-of-life issues.

His commitment to education extends beyond campus, and he frequently leads continuing education seminars for licensed embalmers and funeral directors, as well as for hospice volunteers.  

Upon receiving his award, Walch spoke to the audience about the importance of college’s mission as an applied learning institution.

“We equip students with the skills and competencies to be on the front lines of socially significant fields like law enforcement, disaster mitigation and emergency health care,” he said. “You take care of our pets and farm animals; our young children and our computers. Our graduates serve the community, and I feel great about that.”

Walch holds an Associate of Applied Science in Mortuary Science from the New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science and Embalming; a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Colby College; and a Master of Education in Counseling from the University of New Hampshire.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading.

SUNY Canton Graduates Nearly 900 Students at 111th Commencement

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

SUNY Canton celebrated the class of 2019 at the college’s 111th Commencement Ceremony held Saturday, May 11, at the Roos House Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center.

SUNY Canton College Council Chair Ronald M. O’Neill, class of 1963, opened the ceremony by asking the graduates to reflect on the memories and lifelong friendships they have made.

Dan Miller opens the 111th Commencement
Dan Miller ’83 opens the 111th Commencement Ceremony.

“I hope that as you move forward in your lives and careers, you will not only remember this day, but remember all those remarkable people who helped you along the way,” he said.

SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran noted this year’s class comprises nearly 900 graduates who range in age from 18 to 63 years old and represent 22 U.S. states and 6 foreign countries, including Australia, Cameroon, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

President Szafran, Andrew Fitch, and Courtney Bish
Pictured are (l to r) SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran, Outstanding Graduate Andrew P. Fitch and Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Courtney B. Bish during the college’s 111th Commencement Ceremony held May 11.

He then introduced two graduates who earned outstanding graduate awards: Andrew P. Fitch, a Mechanical Engineering Technology major from Australia, and Tia M. Tassava, a Management major from Chubbuck, Idaho. Ashley J. Livingston, a Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology major from Lisbon, was also recognized as the winner of the David R. Maynard Student Activities Award.

Student Government Association President Brayden S. White gave the senior class address, noting the college’s commitment to its motto “everyone is welcome here.”

Ashley Livingston stands up to be honored for her David R. Maynard Student Activities Award
SUNY Canton graduate Ashley Livingston of Lisbon was recognized as the college’s David R. Maynard Student Activities Award winner during the college’s 111th Commencement Ceremony.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are woven into the fabric of campus life, and because of that our education is holistically complete, which prepares us to go out and make a difference,” he said.

The keynote address was delivered by alumnus and retired Major General Fergal I. Foley, class of 1980. 

Foley, who earned an associate degree in Business Management and was commissioned as a second lieutenant from the ROTC program, said he owed much of his success to the college.

“SUNY Canton was a solid foundation for me, and my degree has been instrumental throughout my career. My experience was certainly a factor in building my confidence to take risks.”

Retired Major General Fergal Foley applauds graduates at the 111th Commencement Ceremony
Retired Major General Fergal I. Foley, class of 1980, applauds graduates at SUNY Canton’s 111th Commencement Ceremony. Foley was the keynote speaker and received an honorary doctorate at the event.

He served in the New York Army National Guard from 1982 until 2006, during which time his assignments included deputy commander and chief of staff for Joint Task Force “Operation World Trade Center” after 9/11. He has returned to campus several times to talk to students about his experiences.

Foley told the audience that graduation should signify a new chapter in their relationship with the college.

“When you cross the stage, it’s not the end—it’s a transition. You are part of this SUNY Canton family for life. I recommend remaining connected with alumni affairs to take advantage of all the great services and keeping in touch with your classmates. And if I can ever be of service to help you, I will. We’re all family now, and that’s what families do—we take care of each other.”

Upon presenting Foley with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree, Szafran noted his “outstanding service to the nation, state and SUNY Canton.”

Fergal Foley awards a graduate with a medal.
Retired Major General Fergal I. Foley ’80 presents a graduate with a special medallion.

As the degrees were conferred, Foley and the President of the Alumni Board of Directors Kelly C. Obermayer, class of 1979, welcomed each graduate into the alumni family by presenting them with a special medallion.

The top five bachelor’s degrees awarded, in order of popularity, were Health Care Management, Criminal Investigation, Management, Nursing and Homeland Security.

The top five associate degrees awarded, in order of popularity, were Nursing, Criminal Justice, Veterinary Science Technology, Individual Studies and Liberal Arts.

Additionally, graduates from the college’s one and two-year Nursing programs were recognized at special pinning ceremonies held earlier in the week.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading.

SUNY Canton Two-Sport Athlete Receives Outstanding Graduate Award

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

A Management major who played hockey and golf for the SUNY Canton Kangaroos will be receiving one of the college’s top awards.

Tia Tassava

Tia M. Tassava of Chubbuck, Idaho, will receive the Outstanding Graduate Award at the bachelor’s degree level at the college’s 111th Commencement Ceremony, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 11, in the Roos House Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center. 

Tassava, who has lived and worked in Canton for the last four years, is earning her bachelor’s degree in Management with minors in both Marketing and Graphic and Multimedia Design. She’s been noted as an exceptionally quick learner who adapts to new situations easily. 

“Tia was tasked with a leadership role within her student ambassador position in SUNY Canton’s Admissions office,” said SUNY Canton Senior Admissions Counselor Jacob M. Yaeger. “She communicates well, often gives positive feedback to her peers, and always looks for ways to improve herself.”

She’s consistently held the highest GPA in her academic program and received President’s List honors during her entire four years at the college. She also won a Student Ambassador of the Year award for her hard work and exceptional dedication.

As part of an internship, Tassava ran the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for the Actions for Change Food and Music Festival. The event was the grand finale of a weeklong series of concerts across the U.S. held with the goal of providing love, hope and healing in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in Parkland, Fla.

Tia Tassava hits a chip shot onto the green.

“Tia was chosen for this exclusive responsibility for her adept management and social skills,” said SUNY Canton Professor Charles R. Fenner, who teaches in the Management program. “Her organizational skills and attention to detail led her to perform above and beyond expectations.”

She originally came to SUNY Canton to play hockey but suffered a major injury in 2017. After recovering, she picked up women’s golf, where she tied for first place in the SUNY Canton Invitational and had four top-ten finishes in her final season. She was also named to the Colonial Hockey Conference All-Academic Team.

Following graduation, Tassava will work as a Client Advocate for Day & Nite All Service, a commercial refrigeration, kitchen equipment, HVAC, and plumbing company headquartered in Long Island.  

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology Major Receives SUNY Canton Student Activities Award

Friday, April 19th, 2019
Ashley Livingston

An outstanding student leader from the SUNY Canton Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology program has been selected to receive the college’s David R. Maynard Student Activities Award. 

Ashley J. Livingston of Lisbon will be recognized at the college’s 111th Commencement Ceremony, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 11, in the Roos House Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center.

Livingston is a founding member of the college’s Society of Women Engineers, and currently serves as the organization’s outgoing President. As an avid volunteer, she’s represented the thriving student-run club at numerous events both on- and off-campus. 

“Ashley is simply an amazing member of our community,” said Paul E. Todd, a faculty member in the Canino School of Engineering Technology who nominated her for the award. “Her work with the Society of Women Engineers brings new events to our campus that would otherwise not exist. I cannot think of a student more deserving of this award.”

Livingston started college with the goal of becoming an architect and focused on the structural side of her academic program. Her interests matured as she continued her education, and she’s developed a keen interest in the environmental side of her major. She’s particularly interested in soil and water analysis and remediation, as well as the design of water treatment facilities. 

She has been a public health inspector for the Department of Health and a transportation construction inspector for the Department of Transportation, in addition to serving as a certified peer tutor, family farm laborer and self-employed childcare provider. She has been affiliated with many clubs and organizations including the Commuter Club, College Activities Board and the Canton Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

She currently has a continuing internship opportunity with the New York Power Authority and career prospects in fields related to her major. 

The David R. Maynard Student Activities Award is given annually to a student who demonstrates superior citizenship, outstanding leadership, and who has generously given time to extracurricular activities.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading. 

SUNY Canton Expands Ties with Clarkson University Through New MBA Track

Monday, April 15th, 2019

The addition of a new Healthcare Management agreement is the third major connecting the two colleges.  

SUNY Canton’s most popular bachelor’s degree is now connected with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Clarkson University, Potsdam. 

Health Care Management student working with professor

Faculty members from the School of Business and Liberal Arts have linked the college’s online Healthcare Management program with Clarkson’s Healthcare Management MBA program. Students enrolled in SUNY Canton’s undergraduate program will be able to apply some of their coursework to the MBA program. 

“Our students could potentially finish their MBA at Clarkson in less than a year,” said Assistant Professor Marela M. Fiacco, who serves as the curriculum coordinator for the Healthcare Management program. “We’ve had many students express interest in this new agreement and two have already applied.”

Healthcare Management is the college’s largest four-year degree program with more than 250 students. The majority of those who enroll in the program are working professionals who are seeking to advance their career by earning a bachelor’s degree. “It is tremendously advantageous for our students to continue their education in a nationally-recognized program,” Fiacco said. 

Earn a Bachelor's and a Master's 4+1 at SUNY Canton and Clarkson University

“The Clarkson Healthcare MBA agreement with SUNY Canton also provides students an accelerated admissions process and exclusive scholarship opportunities,” said Philip T. Neisser, dean of the SUNY Canton School of Business and Liberal Arts. “The collaboration will help guide students through the undergraduate courses that will best serve as a foundation for their graduate work.” 

The majority of SUNY Canton’s coursework is offered online, with some content available through Flex Classes, which are available on campus and online at the same time. Clarkson mirrors the college’s flexibility by offering their program on-campus or online. 

Two Plus Two Engineering Science 

SUNY Canton also has an engineering track link with Clarkson University. Students accepted into the college’s two-year Engineering Science program can continue their corresponding bachelor’s degree in just four additional semesters. The dual admission program allows students to apply just one time for a degree from both colleges. 

“Students who are admitted into the Engineering Science program and complete its requirements are able to seamlessly continue their education at Clarkson,” said Melissa Evans, SUNY Canton’s director of admissions. “The majority of our students are eligible for scholarships as they make the transition.” 

The program is the formalization of a long-standing unofficial arrangement between the two colleges. Many students have begun their education in the Engineering Science Program and have completed an engineering degree at the nationally recognized research university. 

Earn an Associates and a Bachelor's at SUNY Canton and Clarkson University

“The SUNY Canton experience is the perfect staging for a four-year electrical engineering degree at Clarkson,” said Associate Professor Rashid Aidun, who teaches in the program. “We are renowned for our small class sizes and student-to-faculty ratio. The quality and relative economy of this collaboration is unparalleled.” 

Four Plus One MBA

In 2016, SUNY Canton first connected with the Potsdam college linking its Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with Clarkson’s one-year MBA. The arrangement is very similar to the Healthcare Management offering, with accelerated learning opportunities and scholarships available for applicants. 

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading. 

About Clarkson University

Clarkson University educates the leaders of the global economy. One in five alumni already leads as an owner, CEO, VP or equivalent senior executive of a company. With its main campus located in Potsdam, New York, and additional graduate program and research facilities in the Capital Region and Beacon, N.Y., Clarkson is a nationally recognized research university with signature areas of academic excellence and research directed toward the world’s pressing issues. Through more than 50 rigorous programs of study in engineering, business, arts, education, sciences and the health professions, the entire learning-living community spans boundaries across disciplines, nations and cultures to build powers of observation, challenge the status quo and connect discovery and innovation with enterprise.

SUNY Canton Selects New Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
Peggy De Cooke

A highly-regarded educator and assessment expert from Purchase College has been selected to lead the future of academics at SUNY Canton. 

SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran announced that Peggy A. De Cooke, Ph.D., has been selected as the college’s new provost and vice president for academic affairs.

“Dr. De Cooke’s extensive educational leadership experience will help SUNY Canton continue to grow as Northern New York’s premiere career-driven college,” Szafran said. “She has successfully led initiatives in student success, program development, strategic planning, and assessment which are critical areas of focus as our college continues to expand.”

De Cooke will come to SUNY Canton from Purchase College, where she currently serves as an associate professor of psychology and the associate provost for academic affairs. Previously, she was chair of the College Senate and faculty presiding officer and acting dean of the School of the Arts. She will begin her new role on July 1.

 “On behalf of the Purchase College community, I congratulate Dr. Peggy De Cooke on her appointment as provost of SUNY Canton,” said Purchase College Provost Barry Pearson. “We’re proud and grateful for what Dr. De Cooke has accomplished during her 24 years at Purchase College.We have no doubt that she will be a transformative leader and wish her luck in her new role.”

De Cooke has extensive teaching experience from high school through graduate levels and has taught many courses in introductory and developmental psychology. Additionally, she has published or presented more than 50 papers on factors influencing student learning and performance.

“I am so pleased to be joining the SUNY Canton community and look forward to working closely with Dr. Szafran, campus leadership, faculty, staff, and students to advance the mission of the college,” De Cooke said. “Everyone was so warm and welcoming during my visit to campus. I can’t wait to get started!”

She earned her master’s and doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

The provost and vice president of academic affairs serves as the chief academic administrator at the college. The office is currently jointly overseen on an interim basis by Dr. Molly A. Mott, Associate Provost/Dean of Academic Support Services, and Dr. Kenneth Erickson, Dean of the School of Science, Health and Criminal Justice.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading.