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SUNY Canton Offers Late-Start Courses for Students, Community Members

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

SUNY CantonLearning the ins-and-outs of Microsoft Excel and how to identify various fingerprint patterns are just two of the dozen course topics being offered as late-start courses at SUNY Canton this fall.

Registration remains open and classes are open to students and members of the community. Some courses are being offered online while others will be held on-campus. Classes begin October 11 and will run through the end of the semester, December 2.

Course topics without prerequisites include:

  • Library Info/Literacy (online): focuses on the organization, use, and retrieval of print and electronic information, both within and outside of the library;
  • Introduction to Databases (online): introduces the fundamentals of database programs and illustrating the creation, maintenance and organizing of a database;
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets (on-campus): introduces the fundamentals of spreadsheet programs, including creating spreadsheets with literal and numeric data, printing of spreadsheets, and creating line, bar, stacked bar and pie graphs from a spreadsheet;
  • Expository Writing (on-campus): focuses on communicating more effectively through writing various forms of writing, including nonfiction writing that informs. This course is an alternate to Oral and Written Expression and students cannot take both;
  • Oral and Written Expression (on-campus): focuses on developing more effective skills in speaking and writing. The speech component is meant to make aware the many elements common to both speech and writing and to provide an opportunity to present written ideas orally; and
  • Approaches to Literature (on-campus): exposes students to different kinds of literature – plays, short stories, novels and poems – and with various methods of understanding literature.  Students will read a wide variety of literary works and will be encouraged to employ proper literary terminology in writing about them.

Other online courses include Risk and Hazard Impact Studies, Virtual Disaster Training I, and Global Investments, while Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Communications and Latent Prints and Impressions are all offered on-campus. Each of these courses have specific prerequisites or require permission from the instructor.

For more information about the courses or to register, contact the SUNY Canton Registrar’s Office at 315-386-7042 or