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Students Create Video Games for Class at SUNY Canton

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

SUNY Canton Assistant Professor Alainya Kavaloski’s students don’t get in trouble for playing video games during class. In fact, she’s found a new way to tap into their obsession with gaming.

Her Media Writing and Digital Graphic Storytelling students used augmented reality platforms to develop first-person digital adventures this semester.

A student tests an app while a professor looks on.

Game designers in Assistant Professor Alainya Kavaloski’s class test their applications on mobile devices and laptops. Pictured are in the foreground (l to r) Tyrone C. Jamison, a Graphic and Multimedia Design major from the Bronx, Kavaloski, and Devin M. Breckenridge, a Graphic and Multimedia Design major from Gouverneur.

“Our students analyze videos, animations and interactive fiction for inspiration for this project,” Kavaloski said. “Today is game test day, but the groups had to role-play as design teams. They had to create marketing materials to support their proposals.”

A group of students huddled over their iPads, laptops and mobile phones with GPS photographs of the campus. Detailed objectives popped up as they navigated characters through virtual maps.

“Our game is based on hacking,” said Devin M. Breckenridge, a Graphic and Multimedia Design student from Gouverneur. “It starts when the character has their identity is stolen, which leads them to take on adventures to determine who hacked their accounts.”

Four students gaming

The protagonist in the game becomes a hacker-activist as the adventure leads to uncovering secrets and hidden mysteries.

Another group re-imagined the Steam game “This War of Mine” where a group of civilians try to survive in a besieged city. In addition to redesigning the game objectives and missions, the students create a team website, an illustrated proposal and a video trailer to outline their project.

Kavaloski’s two courses are offered through the college’s two-year Liberal Arts program, but are very popular with students from four-year programs. Previously, she’s orchestrated a game jam event that challenged students to design a game alongside other players from around the world.


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