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International Summer Program at SUNY Canton Teaches Entrepreneurism and Business Leadership

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Students from Kazan and Moscow, Russia, are learning how to become entrepreneurs at SUNY Canton’s International Summer program.

“We help students augment their education to become entrepreneurs,” said Marela Fiacco, director of international programs. “Many of these students will graduate and become business leaders or create their own start-ups.”

This is the second year that the College has invited students from Kazan Federal University and Moscow State University to attend the business-focused seminar.

International Classroom

SUNY Canton Associate Professor Charles R. Fenner (pictured far right) presents a special class for students in the College’s International Summer program.

The International Summer Program is co-hosted by the SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center at SUNY Canton, an agency that helps provide technical assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A representative from the SBDC works with students to create marketing plans, learn budget financing and overall business management. “By the end of the three-week session, students will present a complete business plan,” Fiacco said.

As part of their learning experience, the students visit area businesses such as the St. Lawrence Brewing Company and St. Lawrence Valley Roasters, among others.

Several of the students are enrolled in dual-degree programs at the College and take courses online throughout the year with SUNY Canton faculty and their visit gives them the ability to meet their professors face-to-face. Management program faculty members also presented coursework during the session.

About SUNY Canton:

SUNY Canton offers a variety of career-driven bachelor’s degrees in addition to its associate and certificate programs. In the past year, the College added two new bachelor’s degrees and expanded its facilities with a new athletic center, nicknamed Roos House, and the Grasse River Suites Residence Hall. The College’s faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to their academic credentials. SUNY Canton OnLine offers flexible and convenient online courses and programs. The College’s 14 athletic teams compete as provisional members of the NCAA Division III as well as the USCAA.

International Programs Hosts Russian and Chinese Students

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
International Students

Olga Shaldymova of Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute in Russia and Zhong Dongjing of Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College in China participate in a team building exercise in the SUNY Canton Roos House Athletic Center as part of the College’s International Summer Program.

Twenty-five international students have traveled to the North Country this summer to immerse themselves in American culture and take part in SUNY Canton’s international summer program.

The students arrived on Sunday, July 11 and will be on campus for almost a month. They are visiting from Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute and Lomonsov Moscow State University, both in Russia, as well as Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College in China.

“Each summer, our international summer program allows students to experience both our culture and our higher education system,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “The campus and local communities greatly benefit from the interactions with the students while we provide them with an educational opportunity most international students never have.”

Students will study English as a Second Language and Global Finance, Economics and Culture. The students will earn participation certificates for completing their respective courses at the program’s graduation ceremony on Thursday, July 28.

Director of International Programs Marela Fiacco noted it is the first time students from Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College will step foot on campus and take courses.

“Guangdong’s participation in our summer program will further SUNY Canton’s relationship with the institution, which we have been developing since 2009,” Fiacco said. “We have hosted two short-term scholars here who have observed classes and we hope as the partnership grows we are able to host another who will teach Chinese at the College.”

International Students

Fiacco said the next steps in collaborating with Guangdong include accepting students into SUNY Canton’s programs and having Assistant Professor of Business and Public Administration William T. Jones lead students in a visit to China where they will study at the institution in Summer 2012. Jones will propose to teach a course in international business communication while visiting overseas, according to Fiacco.

The students’ visit to the United States will be highlighted by visits to Niagara Falls, Lake Placid, the Thousand Islands and the Adirondacks. Students will also have the chance to experience many local businesses and events including visits to the Canton Farmer’s Market, North Country Public Radio, the Frederick Remington Art Museum, and the annual Potsdam Festival.

In addition to off-campus excursions, students will enjoy the College’s new Roos House athletic facility, movies, campus barbecues and bonfires among other activities. Students will also take part in two American Family Nights, where families around the North Country welcome the visiting students to their homes for dinner, take them out for ice cream, and introduce them to American customs and traditions.

Following the end of the program, the students will spend their final four days in the United States in New York City.

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International Students Arrive at SUNY Canton

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

More than 50 international students have begun their American education at SUNY Canton.

Students and faculty members from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBIH), Dnipropetrovs’k State University in Internal Affairs in Ukraine, Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute in Russia, and Lomonsov Moscow State University in Russia arrived in Canton on Sunday, July 11.

Moscow State student works with Edouard Mafoua after class.

Hoon Suk Choi, an international student from Moscow State University works with SUNY Canton associate professor of economics Edouard K. Mafoua after class. Choi originally hails from South Korea.

“We provide a rewarding educational experience for these students that allows them to remain with their peers while they are immersed in a new culture and environment,” SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy said. “We have developed outstanding international educational relationships with these students, faculty members and colleges. Our partnerships with institutions around the world are strengthened by the experiences these students have while on campus and in our community.”

Students from AUBIH have already begun their work for the summer program, taking part in SUNY Canton’s dual degree program with their institution. Students took two hybrid courses, risk management and ethics, via videoconferencing for the three weeks prior to coming to the College. They will finish their coursework while at SUNY Canton and are scheduled to graduate in 2011. They will be the second class from AUBIH to graduate from SUNY Canton, with the first class receiving their diplomas this past May.

Kazan State students take look at items at the Farmer's Market.

Kazan State Finance and Economic Institute students Liubov Mironova, Ruslan Tukhvatullin, Raili Nuretdinova, and their chaperone Dina Urazmetova look at handmade gifts by Caroline Leakey at the Canton Farmers Market.

Both Russian institutions will have students taking part in two programs: Global Finance, Economics and Culture, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) and Culture. The Global Finance program was developed in conjunction with Moscow State University and will feature lectures focusing on financial management and global economics topics followed by workshops examining case studies and business application.

It’s the first time SUNY Canton has partnered with Dnipropetrovs’k State University in Internal Affairs in Ukraine. The students from Ukraine will take part in the American Legal and Criminal Justice System Program, which will reviews the American legal system, the foundation of American law as well as the criminal justice system and the role it plays in the American legal system. The lectures will be integrated with the visits to courts and other local authorities for practical portion of the program.

The students from Russia and Ukraine will earn certificates for completions of their respective courses at the summer program’s graduation ceremony on Thursday, July 29.

Students from each of the programs will also have the chance to immerse themselves in the North Country and the American way of life. In addition to the daily excursions for their respective programs, students will visit local businesses and farmers markets, the Remington Art Museum, the 1000 Islands, and The Wild Center in the Adirondacks. The students will also travel to Niagara Falls and Lake Placid and will conclude their experience with a four day trip to New York City.

Another part of the cultural experience is American Family Night, where families around the North Country welcome the visiting students to their homes for dinner, take them out for ice cream, and introduce them to American customs and traditions.

“These summer programs are rare on college campuses because of the time commitment, but we’re lucky to have some wonderful faculty and staff who spend so much of their time off working to make this such a great opportunity for both SUNY Canton and the students,” Fiacco said. “We are grateful for the people in this community who understand the value of this program, because it’s their passion that has kept it a successful one for the last several years.”

The international summer programs began in 2006 with an inaugural group of students from Moscow State University. Since, Fiacco said the number of programs offered has increased, as have the number of institutions who participate each year.

“One of the best parts is seeing all the students come together,” Fiacco said. “Last year, students from each country would have their own barbecues, and then they began inviting each other to them. They set up soccer and basketball games, pitting one country against another, and had so much fun. It was inspiring to watch them grow as a group together and knowing it was because of their experience here at SUNY Canton.”

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Coordinator, or call 315/386-7528.

International and High School Students Arrive at SUNY Canton

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Approximately 20 Bosnian students met their SUNY Canton professors in person for the first time when they started their on-campus classes on Monday, June 29.

Assistant Professor Charles Fenner, PhD., during a lecture in his finance class with students from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Assistant Professor Charles Fenner, PhD., during a lecture in his finance class with students from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Our international program with the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) has sent a group of students to our campus to participate in our international summer program,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “This is the latest expansion of our international online partnership that allows students from several different countries to obtain SUNY Canton degrees in Finance and Information Technology.”

After a round of face-to-face introductions, the students got down to business in their classes with Assistant Professor Charles Fenner, PhD., the lead faculty member in the Finance program.

“The students started taking Human Resources Management and Business Ethics courses two weeks ago through video-delivered distance learning courses,” Fenner said. “The courses continue seamlessly now that they are here on campus.”

During their stay, the students will be immersed in special trips and activities including a July 4th barbeque and visits to Niagara Falls and New York City.

In addition to the students from AUBiH, more than 80 area high school students are moving into the College’s Residences to get their first glimpse at college life. The Upward Bound program started their unique summer classes designed to introduce first-generation college students to higher education.

“Students augment their high school studies with traditional courses ranging from English and science to art and fitness,” said Upward Bound Director Daun A. Martin. “Some junior and senior-level students even have the chance to take college courses through SUNY Canton OnLine before they graduate.”

Both groups will be joined by a group of 45 students from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia on Friday, July 3. Kennedy will be officially welcoming all of the international students at 11 a.m. Sunday, July 5, in Chaney Dining Center.

“We will also be hosting 19 Chinese Faculty members starting on July 17,” said Marela Fiacco, the College’s Coordinator of International Initiatives. “They will be learning about the College’s Early Childhood program and studying English as a second language.”

SUNY Canton offers a wide variety of career-driven bachelor’s, associate, and certificate programs, as well as three master’s degrees in conjunction with SUNYIT, Utica. Most of SUNY Canton’s new four-year programs are designed so students can take them on-campus, online, or both. SUNY Canton OnLine features more than 100 courses online each semester. The College’s athletic teams belong to the NAIA’s Sunrise Conference, enabling students to compete in their respective sports for four years. Construction is now underway for the College’s new Convocation, Athletic, and Recreation Center.

Media inquiries should be directed to Gregory Kie, Media Relations Coordinator, or call 315/386-7528.

International Students Visiting SUNY Canton This Summer

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Students from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia and Kherson State University in Ukraine will be coming to SUNY Canton and the college is looking for North Country families to host the international visitors on the weekends.

Approximately 15 students will be traveling from Russia and Ukraine to take summer classes from July 9 to August 17. During the week, the students will be living in the college’s residences.

“We are hoping that these students will be able to spend some weekends with families who have college-age children or high school seniors living at home,” said Jodi L. Revill, Special Assistant to the Provost. “By spending a few days with families from the community, these students will be totally immersed in our culture and learn even more from their experience here in the North Country.”

Specifically, the college is looking for host families for the weekends of July 27-29, August 3-5, and August 10-12.

This is the first international exchange built from SUNY Canton’s partnerships with Moscow State University and Kherson State University, according to Interim Provost Pauline A. Graveline.

“The students who are visiting the campus will potentially be future full-time SUNY Canton students,” Graveline said. “They will most likely take the dual-degree program from their home country, but they also have the option of attending SUNY Canton as on-campus students.”

Next year, the college plans to send students to Moscow State University so that on campus students from places including Syracuse, Massena, Potsdam, and New York City can travel abroad as part of their four year studies at SUNY Canton.

Families interested in hosting a summer student should contact Revill by email at, or by phone at 386-7303.


SUNY Canton and Moscow State to Expand Relations

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Several academic administrators from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in Russia recently visited SUNY Canton to build upon the strengths of the two colleges’ dual degree program.

“We are looking to create a deeper partnership and expand upon our existing programs,” noted Pauline A. Graveline, School of Liberal Studies and Support Services Dean. “We are finding that many possibilities for academic development and professional development, and overall collegiate expansion exist through SUNY Canton OnLine.”

Approximately two years ago, SUNY Canton was the first college within the State University of New York system to implement a dual degree program with Moscow State University. “Realizing the tremendous opportunities that our agreement affords students at Moscow State University, college administrators and educators from Russia are seeking to develop more dual degree programs with other colleges within SUNY, as well as with SUNY Canton,” said Provost Jeremy D. Brown.

The collected college officials, which included several faculty members who teach or participate in SUNY Canton OnLine courses, discussed several key areas of growth, including:

  • Creating courses or clusters of programs leading to certificates for students.
  • Professional training workshops for professionals at both colleges, delivered either face-to-face, or through video conferences.
  • Expanded training seminars for faculty members from both colleges to aid in online course development.
  • Developing courses for SUNY Canton students presented by International Scholars.
  • Continuing summer programs that offer immersion into English speaking homes and communities, while earning college credit.

SUNYIT School of Business Dean Stephen J. Havlovic also discussed expanding the Master of Business Administration program, so students at MSU who are enrolled in SUNY Canton’s Financial Services program can seamlessly earn their master’s degree. “We strive to present every opportunity available to our students, regardless of their geographic location,” said Brown.

The dignitaries and faculty members who visited the college included:

  • Alexander Mikhialev, Vice Rector for Distance Learning
  • Alexander Lukshin, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at MSU
  • Petr Vrzheshch, Vice Rector for Science and Development from MSU
  • John Ryder, Director of International Programs from the State University of New York
  • Olga Zinovieva, Director the State University of New York Moscow Office of International Programs

SUNY Canton OnLine is one of the fastest growing sections of SUNY Canton and is open to students on-campus, in addition to those who live in a different state, or country.