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SUNY Canton’s Business and Management Programs Gain Accreditation

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

The Board of Commissioners of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) has announced that SUNY Canton was granted first-time accreditation for all of the business and management programs offered through its School of Business and Liberal Arts. 

Programs to receive initial accreditation include the college’s four-year Finance, Management and Healthcare Management programs, in addition to the two-year Business: Accounting and Business Administration programs. 

IACBE logo

“IACBE Accreditation is evidence of the quality of SUNY Canton’s business programs,” said Philip T. Neisser, Dean of the School of Business and Liberal Arts. “Our faculty pride themselves on providing quality programs that prepare our students for career and entrepreneurial success.” 

The goal of accreditation is to ensure that the education provided by SUNY Canton maintains exceptional levels of quality as a premiere educational institution.  Members of the college’s faculty, staff and administration use accreditation as a way to measure the success of programs and evaluate the overall quality of each major. 

“Under the guidance of SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran, we selected this accrediting agency because it best fits our mission,” said SUNY Canton Professor Charles R. Fenner. “It focuses on the assessment of our program and the evaluation of the best business education practices in the industry.” 

The four-year programs have helped several local entrepreneurs launch or grow their businesses. Kevin B. Kingsbury, who graduated from both the Finance and Management programs, is the owner of the Gouverneur-based Marble City Heating and Plumbing. Kingsbury was able to secure a contract that led to $9,500 a week in new revenue directly from his senior project. 

Management graduates Ashley A. Martin and Logan W. Jones used their senior-level assignment to track expenditures related to sales at Martin’s Marina in Cape Vincent. Following statistical analysis, they were able to identify new opportunities leading to an additional $1,000 a week in new revenue. 

Each year, the college partners with local businesses so that its students get a real-world professional experience through its annual Roopreneur competition. Students work directly with area entrepreneurs to expand marketing plans and explore new sales opportunities. 

Additionally, Healthcare Management has become the most popular major at the college, with more than 250 students enrolled in the Spring 2019 semester. The majority of those students are working professionals who are seeking to advance their career by getting a bachelor’s degree.

About SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton is Northern New York’s premier college for career-driven bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and professional certificate programs. The college delivers quality hands-on programs in digital design, engineering technology, health, management and public service. Faculty members are noted for their professional real-world experience in addition to outstanding academic credentials. As SUNY’s leader in online education, SUNY Canton OnLine offers hundreds of flexible and convenient courses as well as 18 online degree programs. The college placed first in 14 categories in a SUNY-Wide Student Opinion Survey, most notably in career services, tutoring, library resources, and classroom facilities. The college’s 15 traditional athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division III level as part of the North Atlantic Conference. SUNY Canton also offers varsity esports and cheerleading.

SUNY Canton Management Courses Bolster Area Businesses

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

SUNY Canton’s Management program is helping four area businesses identify ways to become more profitable.

“Students are able to apply what they learned in class to real world business problems,” said Professor Charles R. Fenner, who teaches business classes in the Management program.  “It’s this application of theory to practice that is at the heart of SUNY technology sector education while preparing the students to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Three students currently enrolled in the program have direct ties to area businesses and are using the course’s objectives to grow their enterprises.

Kevin B. Kingsbury of the Gouverneur-based Marble City Heating and Plumbing, who is working on his second major at SUNY Canton, is using his coursework to determine his operational capacity and create a plan for future growth.

“I’m trying to gear the whole project to grow our business into a medium-sized operation with 15-20 employees,” Kingsbury said.

Professor Charles R. Fenner, Kingsbury and Szafran

Kevin B. Kingsbury a Management student and owner of the Gouverneur-based Marble City Heating and Plumbing recently met with SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran to discuss his company’s growth. Pictured are (l to r) Professor Charles R. Fenner, Kingsbury and Szafran.

Kingsbury hires graduates of SUNY Canton’s Heating and Plumbing program to work at his company.

Maria L. Vecchio of Sergi’s Italian Restaurant in Canton, used her senior project to create a survey to help her learn more about their loyal customer base. As part of the survey, she had SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran hold a drawing for pizza rolls, one of the local restaurant’s signature servings.

President Zvi Szafran draws cards as Provost Douglas Scheidt, Charles Fenner and Maria Vecchio pose for the photo.

Pictured are (l to R) Professor Charles R. Fenner, Ph.D., SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Douglas M. Scheidt and Maria L. Vecchio, a Management student from Canton. Vecchio created a survey to poll customers at Sergi’s Italian Restaurant and asked Szafran to aid in a drawing for pizza rolls.

Other students are using the class as means of tracking revenues and expenditures for a family business. Ashley A. Martin and Logan W. Jones used their senior-level assignment to track expenditures related to sales at Martin’s Marina in Cape Vincent.

Fenner's class poses with Rick Gilchrist.

Rick Gilchrist, owner of Perry’s Market in Norwood, met with Management Professor Charles R. Fenner’s Strategic Policies and Issues class to develop a new business plan.

Additionally, students in Fenner’s Strategic Policies and Issues class helped Rick Gilchrist IV develop a plan to build upon his successful business, Perry’s Market in Norwood.

“It started as a brainstorming session about ways I could expand into other areas,” Gilchrist said about his time with the class. “The students created the beginnings of a solid plan, and I was able to finish it.”

Previously, students in this curriculum have partnered with the owners of Gamer Craze and Luna Boutique in Canton to develop new business strategies.