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SUNY Canton Employee Recognized for Exemplary Service

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

From a relatively small space in the corner of the Southworth Library, Vicki LaVoie Rogers makes a big impact that reverberates all the way through the SUNY Canton campus on a daily basis. Throughout her career at the College, she has made people smile.

Rogers, a retail food associate at the College, was recognized for her exemplary service to others with the 2010 SUNY Canton Employee Recognition Award. She is well known by nearly everyone on campus for her welcoming demeanor and helpful attitude while working at the Cyber Café, the library hotspot for Starbucks coffee and friendly conversations.

Ronald O'Neill, Vicky Rogers and President Kennedy

“In a year when our College placed a big spotlight on our service to students and each other, Vicki seemed to shine the brightest,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “Sometimes unknowingly, she specializes in customer service. If you’ve ever had a smile change your day, then you can relate to what Vicki brings to the life of our campus.”

Rogers has worked in food service since she began in 1999. She served as a supervisor at Chaney Dining Center and began working at the Cyber Café when it opened in 2004. In addition to her work at the Café, she does many catering events and is often one of the first people to jump in and offer to help.

“I have seen her be a confidante to our students and a booster of spirits. She lights up the Cyber Café and her personality has set the mood for the great attraction the Café has become on our campus,” said Associate Director of Advancement Julie Parkman. “I have worked with Vicki now at many events, including the Honors Convocation Celebration dinners, Scholarship Luncheons, and other major Foundation functions like Alumni weekend. Her first priority is always helping to make the event an outstanding experience for guests. “

For many, Rogers has become much more than just a friendly face to greet you in the morning. “Vicki not only provides excellent customer service to meet their needs, but also serves as a goodwill ambassador,” said Molly Mott, Dean of Academic Services and Retention. “Her role in creating a welcoming environment for all who come cannot be overstated or emphasized enough.’”

Rogers is the 15th recipient of the SUNY Canton College Council’s annual award. She received the award during the College’s Recognition Day on Friday, May 28.

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